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The 5th Shenzhen Pet Fair

The Advantages of Market in South China 

Relying on the advantages of location and market, creating the leading pet market in Asia

Looking around the world, the pet market in Europe and America has become stable. The pet market in Asia is developing at an amazing speed, showing the world of its boundless vitality. In 2017, the consumption market size of China's pet industry has reached 134 billion yuan, with the industry growth rate of 30.9%. It is expected to surpass 200 billion yuan in 2019, and the golden era of China's pet industry has arrived.
With the advent of the golden age of pet industry, there are unlimited opportunities for domestic sales and exports. Located in the forefront of China's Pearl River Delta, and adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries, Shenzhen, China serves as the window of international trade, the bridgehead of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and also the hub for connecting China with overseas and radiating the hinterland.
With the strong fundation in Shenzhen, China (Shenzhen) International Pet Supplies Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Pet Fair) has become one of the most influential flagship exhibitions in pet industry in Asia, relying on the boundless possibilities of Shenzhen. It has also become a comprehensive platform integrating the functions of new product release, brand promotion, domestic sales, trade export and the interaction between human beings and pets.
B2B and B2C adopted by Shenzhen Pet Fair have even established a professional communication and interactive platform between domestic and foreign brand manufacturers, distributors and consumer groups.
With more than 20 years of mature experience in holding exhibitions, a professional team of more than 100 persons, 100,000 industry buyer data resources, professional supporting services and precise buyers invitation, Honor Times has established a high-quality trade bridge for both supplier and demander. Its good brand cluster effect and penetration in the entire industrial chain, as well as other advantages have enabled Shenzhen Pet Fair to stand out within just a few years!
The times are unstable while opportunities and challenges coexist. Shenzhen Pet Fair will continue to base itself in China, connect Asia, face the world, make unremitting efforts to open up a new pet market in Asia, and together with the pet industry colleagues to achieve a win-win future!
Scale Upgrade Again in 2019
500 Exhibitors at home and abroad 
3000 Famous brands 
10000 Buyers 
40000 sq.m
80000 Pet lovers
Exploring the Industry Trends in Stable Status
Four years of hard work has created a favorable situation like a fast-growing tree. In the past four years, the number of exhibitors has increased progressively year by year, and the scale of exhibition has also expanded year after year, steadily advancing with the upward trend! Shenzhen Pet Fair organized by Honor Times has not only built a high-quality trade bridge for exhibitors and visitors, but also plays a positive role in promoting the vigorous development of China's pet industry. In this case, the market potential is self-evident in the future.
The Record is Refreshed Again in 2018
Professional audience   9832
Total audience   71297
Exhibition area   30000 sq.m


Quotations from Exhibitors
Every appearance of Honor Times Shenzhen Pet Fair has been placed on more hopes and future by the Chinese pet industry! The 4th Shenzhen Pet Fair did not disgrace its mission, stood the test once again, and won the recognition and praise of countless colleagues in pet industry.
Excerpts of Feedback from Exhibitors 
Petsmiling (HK) International Limited
Millions of thanks for the organizer of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition, we are very fortunate and also honored to participate in the 4th Shenzhen Pet Fair as a business exhibitor. This year is also currently the most grand and unprecedented session of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition! In terms of exhibitors or visitors flow, we can't help but wonder how colorful and how prosperous will the future of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition be! We hope that Shenzhen Pet Fair will be able to strengthen its initial resolution, live up to the future, and provide a better and higher-end exhibition & trade platform for the Chinese pet industry.
Shanghai Chowsing Pet Supplies Co., Ltd.  
In this session of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition, our Company's "NOURSE" attended the exhibition as scheduled and benefited a lot. The effect of exhibition has exceeded expectations in terms of outstanding visitors flow rate, scale and organization. The propaganda work of the exhibition organizer is quite in place, and the related information of exhibition can be seen via the Internet, road signs, buses, TV and other channels. At the same time, exhibition audiences are very enthusiastic. The "NOURSE" brand continues to secure its South China market through this session of exhibition. We hope that Shenzhen Pet Exhibition can continue to make progress and leap forward!
Guangcheng (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Boqii, participating as a platinum sponsor of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition, has benefited a lot. This session of exhibition, regardless of its on-site visitor flow, exhibition scale, or the organizer's on-site organization and management, early-stage promotion and publicity, as well as other aspects, has been leaping towards the high-level international exhibition. In addition, Boqii also expands its share in the South China market with the help of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition platform!
Shanghai Enova Pet Supplies Co., Ltd. 
The Exhibition for three consecutive years has played a role that can't be underestimated in the establishment of "Pure & Natural" brand in South China region. The development of exhibition represents the industry development and "Pure & Natural" brand has not only witnessed the growth of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition, but also saw the future of China's pet industry. We wish that Shenzhen Pet Fair will become better and better and also believe that there will be more cooperation in the future!
Fuyi (Shanghai) Enterprise Investment Management Co., Ltd.
We would like to thank the invitation from the organizer of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition. Although this is the first time for us to participate in this exhibition as an exhibitor, we have previously learned about the scale of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition and its influence in the South China market. The 4th China (Shenzhen) International Pet Supplies Exhibition (2018) shows a thriving scene featured with a large visitors flow rate and numerous brands. There are many highlights in this exhibition, and we feel that it is more close to the audience. We hope that Shenzhen Pet Fair will become better and better, providing Chinese enterprises and businesses with a better demonstration platform.
Shenzhen Zhongchuang Pinzhi Industrial Co., Ltd.
As an influential exhibition in South China, every session of Shenzhen Pet Exhibition has always concluded successfully. The 4th Shenzhen Pet Fair also lived up to expectations, and we gained a lot. Meanwhile, we have also acquainted with more cooperative partners. We hereby express our most sincere gratitude to Shenzhen Pet Fair! Finally, we also wish that Shenzhen Pet Exhibition can be held in each of the following years and will be successfully concluded!
Excerpts of Feedback from Buyer 
Jiamei Pet Store, Hengxian, Guangxi
First of all, thanks for the warm reception of the organizer. The home field environment at the exhibition impressed us a lot. The products displayed and various supporting facilities are in place. The organizer has also provided good services to professional audience. The overall effect is very satisfying!
Bark Star Pet Store, Quanzhou, Fujian
The five-day Shenzhen Pet Fair is generally very impressive. The exhibition services are professional, and the on-site region division is clear, and many well-known brands at home and abroad also appeared on the exhibition. We hope that it will become even larger and better next year!
Foshan Xinhe Pet Supplies Wholesale Co., Ltd.
The on-site services are warm and thoughtful, there were many participating brands, and the products are rich and distinctive. Among the rest, the distributor-agent evening banquet organized by the organizer provides a very good industry communicate platform where pet elites from all over the country gather together to talk about the future and gain a lot. We hope that Shenzhen Pet Exhibition will be more splendid next year!
Guangzhou Green Island Pet Trade Co., Ltd.
Thanks for the warm reception from the organizer! It is very rewarding for us to participate in this exhibition. At the exhibition site, we found cooperative manufacturers. At the agent evening banquet hosted by the organizer, we met like-minded pet industry partners. Looking forward to seeing a bigger-scale exhibition next year!
Leading the New Age and Holding the Annual Conference of Pet Industry
The Events During the Exhibition 
China Pet Store Operation Management Summit
For pet stores deemed as the industry cornerstone, how to solve the shop management problems and how to seize opportunities to win the future in the face of a 100 billion-scale market has become a major issue in the pet industry. To this end, domestic senior industry mentors are specifically invited to pass on experiences for the pet retail industry, broaden ideas, and solve weakness of store operation and management.
Asia Pacific E-Commerce and Cross-border E-Commerce Summit
With the upgrading and transformation of consumer economy, the cross-border pet economy has become a new trend of pet consumption that is becoming more and more popular. As the next 100 billion-scale industry market under the sub-business of E-commerce, cross-border E-commerce is gathering force like a raging storm and the competition is in full swing. In response to this trend, and in conformity with the Internet concept of open and sharing, major Internet E-commerce giants are invited to conduct multi-perspective and multi-dimensional analysis of those completely new opportunities and challenges encountered by the industrial chain of relevant pet industry under the context of "E-commerce and cross-border E-commerce".  
Sharing Conference on the Industrial Trend of Amazon Pet Supplies Category
On Amazon, sales volume of pet supplies ranks the forefront, and the growth trends remain high. However, the market share of Chinese sellers is far from enough. How to break through the bottlenecks of product selection and operation and advance smoothly in the market? Eccang Technologies, working in conjunction with Amazon and Shenzhen Pet Exhibition, jointly held the "Sharing Conference on the Industrial Trend of Amazon Pet Supplies Category", providing the chance to chat freely about how to be settled in Amazon pet supplies category, how to select products, run business and quickly increase sales volume.
Lecture on Chinese Pet Groomer Elites Salon  
Over the years, as one of the blockbuster events during the exhibition period of Shenzhen Pet Fair, " Lecture on Chinese Pet Groomer Elites Salon" has been loved and supported by many domestic pet grooming practitioners. A number of prominent masters in pet grooming industry are invited to teach in person, provide domestic pet grooming practitioners with training courses geared to international standards, and make due contribution to the progress of China's pet industry.
Practical Courses on Cleaning and Grooming of Fierce Cats for Pet Store 
In pet training, cats have long been difficult to be tamed because of their unique personality. In the practice of pet grooming, cleaning and grooming of cats have always been one of the difficult problems among pet groomers. In order to help the pet grooming industry improve relevant professional skills, Shenzhen Pet Fair specially invites well-known pet grooming lecturers and cats-caring talents to teach pet stores about practical cleaning & grooming processes.
The Activities for Pet Owners&Lovers
Little Pet Party
There will be a special display area for little pets, so that pet lovers can not only see all kinds of little pets or cold-blooded crawling pets, but also learn about relevant scientific feeding knowledge.
Dog Games & Cross-country Challenge
Crossing tunnels, 100 meter acceleration... cutie pets challenge themselves, break through the limits, and rush for growth journey exclusively belonging to them by joining together with their masters.
Contest of Cutie Pets 
A number of cutie pets gather here, going all out in temperament, competing appearance, showing personality and spreading out unique charm. The pet most loved by thousands of pet lovers will win the trophy of individuality and generous bonus granted by Shenzhen Pet Fair.
"Cat Space"——Display Area of World-famous Cats
World famous cats gathered here to show their good figures and cutie expressions. These cats include tender and cutie ragdolls, wild leopard cats, compact and charming Abbie, mighty and strong Norwegian forest cat.
Lecture on Family Pet-raising Knowledge 
Senior domestic dog trainers are invited to teach in amusement to popularize the family pet-raising knowledge among pet lovers, solve daily pet-raising problems, pass on featured dog training skills, share pet-raising pleasure and increase pet lover's affections.
Class for Dog Behavior Correction 
In order to provide an excellent platform for scientific dog-raising, and create an good environment for raising dogs with love, Shenzhen Pet Fair together with CGC to take the general public into class, and advocate that do not cause trouble and inconvenience to other people and the environment while bringing happiness to themselves from the civilized dog-raising.
New Product Release and Sharing the Advanced News in Pet Industry
Preferred platform for new products of the year: No “innovation” means no any future. Each session of Shenzhen Pet Fair is a new starting and a new journey. The exhibitors not only look for business partners and negotiate business cooperation during the exhibition, but also promote new industrial products, and form new product matrixes to meet pet lovers. More than thousands of brands both at home and abroad are released at the same time, attracting lots of media attention and warmly welcoming by lots of consumers. In addition, industry brand marketing giants, media and channel partners gathered to discuss brand upgrading and development strategy under the new situation, communicate with terminal consumer groups, and lead the new fashion of pet consumption.
Building a Harmonious Ecological Circle for Human-beings and Pets
Pet Free Treatment
By working together with experts from various pet hospitals, Shenzhen Pet Fair offers free on-site physical examination for pets and shares knowledge about pet health to pet lovers.
Pet Adoption 
In order to help many stray pets find new homes with love, an on-site pet adoption area is specifically arranged at Shenzhen Pet Fair, calling on the public to care for stray cats and dogs, using adoption instead of buying, and giving more warmth to those stray cats and dogs.
Publicity and Promotion Strategy 
Four years full of changes in the situation, always adhering to the concept of advancing with the times. Development breakthroughs are not only the exhibition scale, but also the promotion strategy. More professional, diversified, sustainable and a full range of promotion will be the future direction towards which the team of Shenzhen Pet Fair makes continuous efforts, so as to create a higher-quality trade bridge for both supply and demand sides, and allow the value of each exhibit brands develop to the extreme.
Expanding Channels for Overseas Buyers
While establishing the strong foundation of domestic market, there is also need to go abroad and introduce the information of Shenzhen Pet Fair to the same type of exhibition, invite overseas professional buyers, and provide them with VIP services such as itinerary reservation, travel and accommodation reimbursement.

Research into the Domestic Pet Market and Starting a New Journey for Promotion
To penetrate into the pet industry in major provinces and cities, conduct on-site visits to dealers, trade wholesalers, pet stores, industry associations and related derivative industries, and also hold pre-show lectures, new product release conference and other promotion events.
"HuangPuJunXiao National Itinerant Lecture": From 2017 till now, the promotion team of Shenzhen Pet Fair has been to 12 provinces and cities to hold "HuangPuJunXiao Itinerant Lecture ", and also delivered the invitation to pet stores and pet markets face-to-face in 16 provinces and cities. The journey will be continued in 2019.

Online and Offline Integrated Marketing, with a Full Range of Promotion
Radar coverage for precise audience: Joint promote with social App, Baidu, Toutiao, WeChat, Weibo are all covered, in-depth cooperation with more than 100 professional media, precise advertising in TV, radio, bus, joint promotion in thousands of pet hospitals and stores... ..
/> 100 Thousand Precise Data Supported, and Invite the Buyer One by One
Obtain huge data resources of middle and high-end buyers, and take multiple measures to invite them before the launching of exhibition.
Group SMS
Invite one-to-one by phone call
Mailing the ticket point-to-point
Special invitation for prospective buyers before the launch of exhibition
Exhibition Scope
Pet food: Staple food, snacks, feeds, food additives, food processing machinery, food packaging technology, etc.;
Pet supplies: Clothing, beds, cages, toys, grooming products, shampoo supplies, training supplies, etc.;
Pets: Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, birds and other living pets.
Pet-related E-commerce: Online store, APP, O2O service;
Pet medical: Pet hospital equipment, surgical equipment, pet medicines, health care products, biological products, prescription feeds, test strips and reagents.
Charge Standard
Standard booth ( ≥ 9㎡ ): RMB 1100 /㎡
Raw space ( ≥ 36㎡ ): RMB 1000 /㎡
Corner fee: RMB 500
Warm tips: 10 percent off discount can be enjoyed if the client signs up the contract before December 31, 2018. All fees must be paid before April 1, 2019. In case of any overdue payment, the exhibitors signing up shall be regarded as giving up by the organizing committee. In this case, all spaces reserved will be cancelled and the fees paid will not be refunded.
Exhibition Schedule

May 2
Day for the Buyer

May 3
Day for the Buyer

May 4
Public open day

May 5
Pubilc open day

Floor Plan 


The 5th China (Shenzhen) International Pet Supplies Exhibition
May 2-5, 2019   Convention & Exhibition Center

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Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 9:30am - Sunday, May 5, 2019 - 5:30pm
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