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08/25 D1SC0V3RMENT Good Bass with Special Guest QwentyZ

8月25日 星期日

Aug 25th Sun.

22:00 - Late


- Line Up -












爱搞事情的年轻DJ在时髦的电子乐现场放点俄式社会摇已经不是新鲜事,这波高风险操作经常能掀起群情高潮,前提是DJ技术和品味过硬,否则就是真的土。D1SC0V3RMENT近期策划一场Good Bass派对,大型命题作文,多国低音大混战,DJ能否将俄式土嗨土得其所也是当晚重要加分技术点。特邀嘉宾QwentyZ。




从最早对制作Chillwave/Electronica/Ambient/IDM的好奇到如今的Experiemental/Electronica(全筹范围)/Bass Music/Chiiloutise以及World Music和Electronic Orchestral.QwentyZ是一个极有主张的制作人,不轻易迎合当下的商业或流行趋势,时刻保持音乐先锋性的观念和对新兴音乐形式的探索,同时QwentyZ逐渐凸显出自己的想法和个人特征,创作手法和思维愈发实验和新鲜,让人们摸不着QwentyZ的思域。不断创新和探索是QwentyZ的生活信条。

QwentyZ希望能为中国电子音乐文化做贡献,以及完成他那未完成的使命,把音乐推向国际舞台,在音乐艺术和实验艺术中寻找平衡点。曾受到RAC, 3ASiC, Sihan,Angry5JaR等顶级制作人的高度评价。 



XHANKONKON is a DJ, Producer and Promoter based in Shenzhen and a member of Functionlab, the most neuroticism electronic music label. After he released his personal EP "Finding Failure" and the single "Digital Pigs" in Func?tionlab in 2018,he came to Shenzhen and founded Party organization  “AGEUSIA” to develop some hidden functions of Listener’s brain with the music from the reverse direction of normal world.



As a Owner-Principle, Cheek officially started his DJ career in 2016.At the end of the same year, he co-founded the Electronic Music Association with his friends and served as the first president.  At the beginning of 2018, he joined Shenzhen Nano Music as a music teacher and was invited to participate in the Chengdu EMP International Electronic Music Festival. He is currently studying Drum & Bass and hopes to pushing the Good Bass music culture to more people.



As a rare Drum'n'Bass DJ in Shenzhen, Foambb has accumulated a lot of field experience after many appearances at the electronic music festival and various performance stages. He also has a deeper understanding of electronic music. At the moment when commercial EDM dominates the mainstream electronic music market, he has been rebellious and he chose to oppose the mainstream. Now he is committed to promoting immersive bass music.





18 years old Shenzhen local DJ&Producer, one of the members of D1SG0V3RNMENT RECORDS. Influenced by his family, he loved music since he was a child. From guitars and drums to electronic music, he is not separated from music almost every moment.  Because of his strong interest in drum culture, he has a very in-depth study of Techno, Drum & Bass, Rawstyle/Hardcore, enjoying the variation of drums or the transition between drum positions; Drum Kick, Gated Kick can always appear in  His scene.  His insights into Rawstyle are even more unusual, with the attention of the Dutch Rawstyle artist combination Riot Shift and the Dutch Underground Hardcore label Footworxx.  In 2019, he followed the label members to complete the label tour of most famous clubs in Guangdong.




Event Details

Event Date: 
Sunday, August 25, 2019 - 10:00pm - Monday, August 26, 2019 - 5:00am
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绝对早鸟票 - ¥30 预售 Advance - ¥40 现场 Door - ¥60
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call us: +86-755-3395-5850