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08/24 Underground Union 3rd Anniversary pres. SNTS (hybrid set)

2019年8月24日 星期六

Aug. 24th Sat.

22:00 – Late


-Line Up-

SNTS (hybrid set)


Woody Jac
















Krome is a resident DJ and record collector in Foshan. Guangdong party organization Underground Union's member. He got to know electronic music since 1995 and he has been devoted himself to the development of underground music around the resident area for over 20 years. With the special insight in music, he is very experienced in playing Disco and House music, and able to lead the music fans into a rich mixture of music story world by arranging songs carefully. As a guest DJ played with some famous producer and DJs like:Blazej Malinowski(PL)、Marco Bailey(BE)、Deepbass(UK)、Ness(IT)、AWB(FR)、Kyle Geiger(US)、Mansun Lui(CN)、Arnaud Le Texier(FR) 、Scøpe(KR) 、Michal Jablonski(PL) 、Joachim Spieth(DE) 、Insolate(HR) 、 Svarog(UA) etc.




Woody Jac from Shantou is based in Guangzhou, Guangdong party organization Underground Union's member. He started to play electronic music since 2011 and plays a very important role in developing underground music in his hometown. He was also invited by lots of domestic music festivals like Midi Festival, Electric jungle Music Festival. After exploring and playing different types of electronic music, he found the significant part in his music path just couldn't without rich melody . He always pays attention to song selection and the details of mixing to keep it groove between Progressive house and Tech. People are always attracted by the fascinating rhythm in his exquisite mixing sets! As a guest DJ played with some famous producer and DJ like:Marco Bailey(BE)、Blazej Malinowski(PL) 、Deepbass(UK)、Ness(IT)、AWB(FR) 、Excell(GER)、Kyle Geiger(US) 、Scøpe(KR) 、Michal Jablonski(PL) 、Joachim Spieth(DE) 、Insolate(HR) 、 Svarog(UA) etc.





As a new member of Underground Union, Viyee has solid musical foundation in younger age, and constantly has been in different music scenes. Being passionate for ‘4X4 Beat’, she moves from dance floor to the DJ booth, and is ready to attack your neure by transforming the years of experience into a straightforward note. Viyee is skill in ups and downs of music, drifting your body into TECHNO vortex with melody and powerful drumbeats. Through her energetic performance, every single beat would be a hallucinating loop to blow your mind. As a guest DJ played with some famous producer and DJs like:Blazej Malinowski(PL)、Marco Bailey(BE)、Deepbss(UK) 、Ness(IT)、Kyle Geiger(US) 、Mansun Lui(CN)、Arnaud Le Texier(FR) 、Scøpe(KR) 、Michal Jablonski(PL) 、Joachim Spieth(DE) 、Insolate(HR) 、 Svarog(UA) 、SNTS(DE)etc.




Funkie a Techno fanatics in Shenzhen. Guangdong party organization Underground Union's member. Influenced by lots of Techno DJs like : Alan Fitzpatrick,Joseph Capriati,Slam,2pole,Sam Paganini,Julian Jeweil and Adam Beyer.He became a Techno DJ with his unique insight and style.As a guest DJ played with some famous international DJs like: Blazej Malinowski(PL)、Marco Bailey(BE)、Deepbass(UK)、Ness(IT)、AWB(FR)、Frank Muller(DE)、Melania.(PL)、Mansun Lui(CN)、Wrong Assessment(IT)、Arnaud Le Texier(FR)、Scøpe(KR)、Michal Jablonski(PL)、Joachim Spieth(DE)、Insolate(HR)、Svarog(UA)、Ambivalent(US)、Black Asteroid(US)、Fantastic Plastic Machine(JP), he often plays at underground clubs in different cities like Hangover in Guangzhou,Oil in Shenzhen,Echo Bay in Chongqing etc.He prefers to set dance floor on fire and impressed the ravers by using industrial noise elements and strong bass.

RA  :










Event Details

Event Date: 
Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 10:00pm - Sunday, August 25, 2019 - 5:00am
Pricing Info: 
Advance 预售 - 100 RMB Door 现场 - 130 RMB
Booking Phone Number: 
call us: +86-755-3395-5850