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07/20 UNCHAINED Pres. Chimpo + Special Guest: DJ Fulltono

07月20日 星期六

July 20 Sat.

22:00 - Late



DJ Fulltono

Daniel Power

Lyndon Jarr

Just Bee


Katie Cooper


MC R-Vee






Chimpo is the UKs music legacy personified. His legendary DJ sets take in all the genres created within the UK and all of the influences that inform them. Hailing from Manchester, he comes from a long line of musical innovators and you can hear this in his output.

He works as a triple threat; production, DJing and vocalist. Unlimited by genres means you can find his work in drum & bass, Grime, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Dubstep and everything in between.

His authenticity is further solidified by those he has worked with in those genres; Zed Bias, Calibre, Dub Phizix, Skeptical, Big Narstie, Footsie & Trigga all count as collaborators. He has also released music with Exit Records, Metalheadz, Stripes, Sidestepper & Soul and counts himself as part of infamous crews Levelz and Richie Brains.





DJ Fulltono is a DJ/ producer based in Osaka, Japan, and he also runs a record label "Booty Tune". While rooted in juke and footwork, his repertoire spans over ghettotech, electro, Chicago house and beyond. He pursues his own way of weaving them all together with the sensibilities of techno mixing style and the skills he has developed over decades of experience playing out in clubs. He has contributed an official promotional Japan-only label mix CDs for Planet Mu and Hyperdub in the past. His 2014 release on his own imprint ”My mind beats vol.1” EP was licensed to Orange Milk in the United States, and was later selected one of the “20 Best EDM and Electronic Albums of 2015” by Rolling Stone magazine. In 2016. he was invited to play Poland’s renowned Unsound festival, and also to the US for an extended tour which included ”Low End Theory" in LA and realized his dream of playing in Chicago. and so on..And his aim in his life playing in Chicago was achieved. Fulltono’s track was included in Burial & Kode9’s exclusive mix for Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC 6 Music last year, and he just had his latest “Before The Storm” EP released on dBridge’s EXIT Records.


Founder of Unchained Asia, and residing in Shenzhen, Daniel Power has been defining, developing and elevating the Bass Music scene in South China for years now. 

Covering very broad ground, he acts as CEO of the prolific music label Unchained Asia, runs regular International and local events across China and is one of the scenes most celebrated Drum and Bass DJs. Many consider him partly responsible for the ‘new wave’ in Bass now underway in the region. 

Regularly touring across cities throughout China and Asia, playing in both developed and emerging electronic music scenes, he is often the DJ of choice as a club headliner, festival ticket and or support for some of the scene’s most respected touring artists. Whether he is playing alongside legends such as DJ Zinc, Mala or Fabio, or being the drawcard artist in cities such as Shanghai, Seoul or Ho Chi Minh, Power’s name carries weight.

Whilst once the resident DJ and Artistic Director for Shenzhen ‘super club’ Club Sector, he now partners with the infamous Oil Club, pushing forward the scene via events and the many activities of Unchained Asia with his dedicated crew.



Whilst now a 140, Dubstep and Drum & Bass producer based in Hong Kong, Jarr is originally from Sydney where he helped foster the DnB movement in the early 00's through his crew's radio show Deep Beatz (BondiFM) and numerous Bass events. Jarr's first major release, "Play the Tape", with respected underground UK label Deep Heads became an overnight success and was followed by his dub- infused tune "Whiteboy" which lead the charge on Soul Deep Recordings' 9th Unsung Heroes compilation. Tracks such as Jazzman and Django, from his latest EP on Brighton’s SmallPrint Recordings, provide a perfect example of the deep and unique atmospheric stylings wired throughout his productions. Having just released his Dark Jazz EP on Bristol-based 140 Ninja look out for his forthcoming half-time and footwork releases on on Italy’s ground- breaking imprint - The Dreamers.



From early days in Lan Kwai Fong, to a fateful night at Soul Healing in 2014, Just Bee has taken an insatiable hunger for the perfect sound, and has become one of the region’s next big tastemakers and an icon of this drum and bass scene.


Inspired by the likes of labels such as Dispatch, Hospital, Critical, Exit Records and CIA, the tastemaker combines an insatiable hunger for new sounds, roots in dubstep and drum and bass, and a tight, driving mixing style with which she commands the room. She fills the night with wave after wave of sonic depth in her quest to bring sounds to the world only best experienced in Hong Kong and South China’s underground.


She has garnered support from Hong Kong’s underground institutions - namely Heavy Hongkong, Ecstatic Bass and Buondodhi - and has played in some of the city’s biggest festivals and venues including Outlook, Clockenflap, Oil Club, Drop, Club Sector, Basement, XXX, Oma and Social Room.


Her magic touch at the decks makes her ready to take over China as a core member of Unchained, one of the biggest underground crews in the region. And with an ever-evolving style, this talent is a can’t-miss.



Immuno, one of the core members of Unchained Asia, who are one of China's top Bass Music crews located in South China. Originally he is from New Zealand - known for having one of the world’s most prolific DnB scenes. When Nick dove into DJing at an early age he found himself quickly climbing the ranks. It wasn’t long before he was making it as a finalist in New Zealand National DJ competitions, and getting the opportunity to support some A-list artists. In 2014 he made the move to Hong Kong were for the past several years, he has truly made waves. He has featured on the line up of numerous Bass and DNB events including King of Kowloon (Heavy HK), the Yin Yang Great Wall Music Festival, Hummingbird, Secret island Party and Drum’n’Bassment, and of course the regular Unchained evnts. Now a core member of the Unchained crew he is looking forward to pushing the D’n’B scene throughout China! Over the past 10 years, he has supported the likes of DJ Zinc, dBridge, Prototypes, DJ SS, DLR, Total Science, Stray (Ivy Lab), and Zed Bias to name a few. Known for his high energy mixing, 3 deck sets and artfully curated half-time and broad spectrum Drum and Bass selections, lets be clear... Immuno is an experienced dance floor aficionado - guaranteed to please.




Growing up in Manchester with sound system culture and being heavily involved in the UK scene before she relocated, Katie Cooper came out with a bang in Shenzhen and shook its youth with her enviable collection of grime, dubstep and UK funky music. 

Cooper's versatility and foundation in UK bass music has made her a solid contender in China’s booming electronic music scene, where you can find her smashing it out in clubs, parties and warehouses around South China, plus the region's most talked-about venue, Oil Club Shenzhen. In a short period of time, Cooper has also garnered attention from other regions in Asia in 2018, where she was invited to DJ in Japan for the second time in 2018 to perform in cities Tokyo, Osaka and Kochi. 

Artists she has supported include: Goth-Trad, Murlo, Madam X, Nina Las Vegas, Truth, Gundam, Swing Ting, DJ Soda, Loefah, Elijah & Skillam, Royal-T and more.



As a rare Drum'n'Bass DJ in Shenzhen, Foambb has accumulated a lot of field experience after many appearances at the electronic music festival and various performance stages. He also has a deeper understanding of electronic music. At the moment when commercial EDM dominates the mainstream electronic music market, he has been rebellious and he chose to oppose the mainstream. Now he is committed to promoting immersive bass music.




R-Vee is a UK-born independent MC, a product of the drum n bass golden era at the turn of the millennium. Known for his stamina, melody and flow along with an ability to host extra-long sets while keeping the crowd entertained, he has performed at major events and festivals across the globe. Always in the know that the duty of the MC is to compliment the music, a fact sometimes overlooked by MC’s in the scene today.  R-Vee has gained recognition and been rewarded by being booked to perform with an endless list of A-list artists from all major record labels in the industry, throughout a career which has included residencies in London, Dubai, Prague, Barcelona, Ibiza and Hong Kong.




VJs Fushi Lee & EvilKoo is from Hong Kong who is a photography enthusiast. they are a creative and open-minded person and she has a passion for fashion, modelling, music, art and design.

VJ Fushi Lee Since 2000, began to get in touch with DISCO, RAVE and CLUBING cultures.

They believes that the combination of sense of hearing and visual sensation led to the real enjoyment for the audience in a show.

VJ EvilKoo has 7 years of experience in post-production effects and has a good understanding of Visual design synthesis.


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Saturday, July 20, 2019 - 10:30pm - Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 5:00am
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预售 Advance 80 RMB 现场 Door 120 RMB
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