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Laws and policies of foreign investments in China (WOFE) 外商投资在华注意事项

Laws and policies of foreign investments in China (WOFE)  外商投资在华注意事项


China’s economy has been climbing the global ranks rapidly these past few decades. It naturally follows that many foreigners have come to the Middle Kingdom to try and capitalize on the vast amount of opportunities. However, there are many regulatory hurdles for entrepreneurs wanting to set up their businesses here. For well-seasoned expats it can easily be overwhelming, let alone for newcomers to China.

For those looking to start their own business here, things can seem overwhelming. First off, you need to know what type of companies are even feasible to be set up as WOFE (wholly owned foreign enterprise).

 And you must have millions of questions such as,

What is the minimum registration Capital?

Do I need an office before I registered my company?

What is a lasing certificate, otherwise known as the coveted ‘red book‘ ?

Not to mention tax laws for foreigners are nowhere near as lenient as they used to be, thus repatriation of profits can become a minefield if appropriate accounting is conducted.

Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to starting and running your own business here. Staying on top of all of it in addition to finding an apartment, local recruitment, marketing, visas, and everything else is a tall order. Luckily you don’t have to do it all on your own. HIBC is hosting an event dedicated to shedding light on what needs to be done for a WOFE to operate legally and successfully here in Shenzhen. Check out the event details below and come join expats from all sectors for an informative and fun night!





弘夏国际特邀来自中伦文德胡百全(前海)联营律师事务所的王翎入律师举办了这次讲座, 为你解答以上种种困惑,快来看看我们带给你的精彩内容预告吧!



Our Speaker 主讲嘉宾:

Anita Wang   Senior partner lawyer   P.C. Woo & Zhonglun W.D. LLP 


Graduated from Si Chuan University with master degree in law , Anita Wang is also a  Certified Tax Agent, Leading Foreign Affairs Lawyer in Guang Dong Province. She is currently a member of the Tax Professional Committee of Zhong Lun Wende Law Firm and the Taxation Professional Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Lawyers Association, serving as the head of the legal department of Shenzhen Large Financial Group for many years with practice areas including restructuring legal affairs and fiscal and taxation matters.

王翎入  高级合伙人律师



Time& Date 日期及时间: 18:30~21:00 20rh, Nov, 2018

Agenda 议程:

18:30~19:00 Registered (please bring your business card to check in)

19:00~20:00 “ Laws and policies of foreign investments in China (WOFE) ”

by Attorney  Anita Wang from P.C. Woo & Zhonglun W.D. LLP    She will elaborate how the Foreign investments should pay attention to important Laws and Policies, Labors and  Tax in China.

 20:00~20:30   Networking & break time

 20:30~21:00    Q& A


Free entry, snacks, drinks



RSVP: +8613798460676

Limited seats for 30 ppl, Please RSVP , need to bring your business card for register


Scan the QR code to book


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P.C. Woo & Zhonglun W.D. LLP is an association law firm established in the Guangdong Qianhai Free Trade Zone between Mainland China firm Zhonglun W&D Law Firm and P.C Woo & Co. Solicitors in Hong Kong. The firm is one of the first 10 Guang dong-Hong Kong association law firms approved by the Ministry of Justice, qualified in Mainland China and Hong Kong will practice within the same firm.


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Event Details

Event Date: 
Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm
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Free entry
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ADD地点:Room 1601C,Block A, Xintian CBC building,exit F, Shixia station Fumin Road, Futian, Shenzhen 弘夏国际.共享办公(福田区新天世纪商务中心A座1601C)
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