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Hey, This is a nice holiday, please coming join us enjoy got health

what 's your plans for the May day of the holiday in China ? however don’t stay at home and lost yourself feelings. keep good health and going to the outdoors which  receive oxygen  ,and clean your body , to recharged body’s health ,to store body energy and meet up new friends with extended interpersonal relationships ,enhance business opportunities ,and improve your multi-faceted skills, come here to meet the world and different ,New friends in the field.

Why you need join us ? The event was led by personal trainers and dance teachers .This is fitness guide lesson  for free , so if you want to get best way of the exercise skills and good breath’s way to lose weight ,please contact us ! by the way ,if you knew this breath’s way ,you will be to know hiking and walking good skills for the legs .

The Benefits of breathing techniques on the body

The first: for  lung is good benefits a lot of ,improve lung capacity, strengthen heart and lung function health, reduce the performance of breathing when climbing or various large amounts of exercise;

The second: The breath techniques can self -massage the abdominal organs, promote and strengthen the health of the abdominal organs.Especially for female friends, there are more benefits;

The last :The breath techniques method can directly affect the waist and abdomen for, help you burn off the belly fat in the shortest time, and create a beautiful and fit muscle of the abdominal muscles.

Other content with this activities: we will be language exchange & study other language by reading challenge!

Activity Day 

May 2nd (Thursday)  Morning 9am 

Meeting address 

one: ExitB of  Shajing station of the metro or The Phoenix Mountains of Buses‘ terminal

Marker - The member’s wrist has a yellow ribbon.

phone number 15915333283(The same WeChat ID)

Fee& GIFT 

For adult RMB59

For studens RMB 20 (under 13 years old)

Multi-person ticket purchase 40(above three )

The prize of Event :They are essential oils and pure natural plant soaps from US imports 

What need for prepared : umbrella , cap, water,Disinfecting wipes, snacks.

Note:Activity safety responsibility belongs to the individual.

Event Details

Event Date: 
Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 9:00am - 7:06pm
Pricing Info: 
For adult RMB59 For studens RMB 20 (under 13 years old) Multi-person ticket purchase 40(above three )
Booking Phone Number: 
call us: +86-186-7677-0910