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Language and Culture Class

[Photo Gallery] Shenzhen University Fall Semester 2015 Opening Ceremony
Event Date: 
Sep 11 2015

September 11, College of International Exchange
With international student enrollment at an all-time record high, Shenzhen University has become a choice destination for foreigners seeking Chinese lessons as well as the popular new Bachelor of Economics and International Trade degree program taught in English. 
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Place Name: 
Shenzhen University
[Photo Gallery] Free trial calligraphy class !!!
Event Date: 
Sep 15 2015

Free calligraphy class in Nihao Mandarin

Welcome to Nihao Mandarin,Everybody has a chance to attend the free trial calligraphy class !!!!


Come and join us! Please make a appointment through Wechat (18719042897 ) and get more infromation. 

Event day: It's available before Nov.


[Photo Gallery]TLI Tea Culture Class & Kung Fu Class
Event Date: 
Jul 11 2015

The tea culture class was been held successfully in TLI. All the students showed great interest in this class. Firstly, the teacher demonstrated a very professional tea performance. The teacher then gave an introduction about Chinese tea culture, such as, the classification of tea, the typical tea set and the benefits of drinking tea. After the introduction, they enjoyed four different kinds of tea. The four tea were West Lake lóng jǐng Tea, ān xī tiě guān yīn, Jasmine Tea and Pure Tea. It was a wonderful day and all the students were relaxed enjoying a nice cup of tea.


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[Photo Gallery] Dapeng Fortress
Event Date: 
Dec 26 2014

Dapeng Fortress is located in the middle of Dapeng Peninsula in east Shenzhen. First built in the 27th year of Hongwu reign of the Ming dynasty (1394), it has a history of over 600 years. When it was set up in the Ming dynasty to resist Japanese pirates, its full name was the Dapeng Fortress of 1,000 Households, and it had played an important role in China's fight against Japanese pirates and British colonial invaders in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Standing 6 meters tall and extending 1,200 meters, the Fortress covers an area of about 100,000 sq meters, and its walls are of granite and bluestone bricks. Read more »

Place Name: 
Dapeng Fortress
Grand Opening of Jiahua Language School (New Energy Mansion Branch)
Event Date: 
Oct 20 2012

Jiahua Language School (New Energy Mansion Branch) held its grand opening and here are some photos of that day.  In attendance were the COO and Brand Manager of Aston Educational Group, and various professors from Shenzhen University.

School Opening Ceremony at College of International Exchange, SZU
Event Date: 
Feb 28 2012

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Place Name: 
Shenzhen University
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