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Shenzhen Mandarin Chinese Language Schools from Futian to Shekou


Who Speaks Mandarin in Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China is a fantastic place to learn Mandarin since this young city is a melting pot where everyone speaks Putonghua to communicate. Mandarin is the main language spoken in Shenzhen because Shenzhen is an immigrant city. Mandarin has become the common language spoken amongst Chinese who come from every province in China. Shenzhen is also one of the only tropical destinations where Mandarin Chinese speakers abound. Come to Shenzhen for the excellent Chinese language environment as well as year round good weather.

What Mandarin Classes are offered in Shenzhen

Group classes or private tutoring are available from many language schools listed below. Some schools offer nighttime and weekend Chinese language courses. Once you get your survival Mandarin out of the way you can consider a full immersion half day Mandarin course for multiple semesters to become fluent in Chinese. Shenzhen Univeristy is the best option for intense Mandarin language study. Shenzhen University offers a HSK examination center when you reach an advanced Chinese level. After obtaining a high proficiency in Mandarin Chinese you can take the HSK to prove to future employers your Chinese speaking ability.

Online Mandarin Language Courses

If you are starved for time or are based on the outskirts of Shenzhen city, many of the language schools offer online Mandarin tutoring over skype or other apps. You can arrange one on one Chinese conversations with skilled Mandarin language tutors.

Be sure to use your time wisely in Shenzhen to improve your Chinese skills, browse below the list of possible schools that provide training in Mandarin:

Quotation Hotline: (0755)86535419
Quotation Hotline: +86 13927465084
Quotation Hotline: +86 (755) -21616006 18927405201 18927432201
Quotation Hotline: +86 (755) 25781009
Shenzhen University
Quotation Hotline: +86 (755) 2655 8894