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OCT Bay (Harbour) China Film International Movie Club (IMAX)

OCT Harbour China Film International Movie Club is China's first five-star Cineplex, and China Film Group's largest flagship store. The commercial area is approximately 11,000 square meters, and was created following a total investment of more than 60 million RMB. It includes Shenzhen's largest IMAX theatre, VIP room and couples seating, with a total of 11 multifunctional screening halls and 2200 seats. It showcases China's best facilities and technical equipment to introduce a world-class multiplex cinema, bringing to the public a hitherto unknown audio-visual entertainment experience

The OCT Harbour China Film International Movie Club is close to the OCT Carnival Square, and its modern look and design will enable the area to become a prime venue for any of China Film Group's future movie premieres. As the biggest domestic cultural and broadcasting company, China Film Group will make full use of its wide resources and experience in terms of marketing and operations to ensure that China's key movie award events are held here in the future. In this way, OCT Harbour China Film International Movie Club will become the new center of studio and movie entertainment not just for Shenzhen, but for all of China.


Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
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Block 2,Area A,OCT Bay, Baishi Road East, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Place Phone: 
+86 (755) 8661 7199

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