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Creative Home based on Art Exhibition Center,  we create product that represents a combination of culture, design and art. Our casual, culturally meaningful designs reflect the modern lifestyles...
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Tai Kwun is the Centre for Heritage and Arts, a place of inspiration, stimulation and enjoyment for all Hong Kong people. Tai Kwun aspires to offer the best heritage and arts experiences, and to...
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Huaxia Art Center is a large comprehensive facility for art and culture. It has been the place for many large national and international conferences, exhibitions, and artistic and cultural exchanges...
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Ya Chang Art Museum located in the beautflul district --Futian.It's the first high taste,profession, and multifunction art museum .Enter into the art museum ,you will see the modern artwork . Opening...
OCT Art Salon
Phone: 0755-33320865
OCT Art Salon is the first art gallery cafe in Shennan Avenue, between the art museums. A charming and cool hideout  and immerse yourself in a creative atmosphere. To promote contemporary art in...
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It's named after the famous traditional Chinese painter, educator, lingnan school of  paintor ,Guan Shanyue. Opening Hours: 9:00-17:30 Closed on Monday  
Phone: 0755-25227658
Yantian Culture Center located into  the center of Yantian District. It has perfect facilities and high-tech building.
Phone: 0755-26604540 or 26918118
famous art museum named by a Chinese politician and artist 
Shenzhen Art Museum
Phone: +86 755 2542 6069
Shenzhen Art Museum was established in 1987 under the approval of the Municipal government. The museum has is 5500 square meters and houses a 2,800 sqm complex with a 1,200 sqm exhibition hall....
Phone: 755-82414497
It's professional  artistic creation institute in Shenzhen, established by 1987. As a leading city of reform and opening ,Shenzhen Goverment always pay much attention to culture construction,...
Phone: 86-755-36941688/0755-33072211
Yilifang Art Gallery of Yilifang Cultural Development Co., Ltd. is a art gallery based on brand promotion and dedicated to digging out potential artists with a view to establishing relationships with...
Phone: 0755-26291352/29518518
The Shenzhen Free Art Base is established by some artists spontaneously.There is no  obvious regulations ,but unwritten agreement. The art base combined with the charaters of Shenzhen , and...
Phone: 0755-83351377
Shenzhen Citizen's Art Gallery is National One Class Gallery and Guangdong Special Grade Gallery. It organized servral creations activities, held many significant art  activities, introduced...
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Daken Art Center is a cultural organization focusing on non-profit-making and creative art.
Yizhan Zhongxin (Light Industrial Products City Center): the Large-scale Mall of
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For home accessories in China, look to Shenzhen for home decoration in Shenzhen, look to the Yizhan Center The Yizhan Center under Manjinghua Group, founded in 2000, is the first large-scale...
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The OCT Art & Design Gallery is China’s first gallery themed in pioneer design, officially launched on 1st September, 2008.  It is conveniently located at Overseas Chinese Town, the center...
Phone: +86 (0)755 3399 3111
The OCT Art & Design Gallery is China’s first gallery themed in pioneer design, officially launched on 1st September, 2008.  It is conveniently located at Overseas Chinese Town, the center...
Phone: +86 755 8302 7352
The Dragon Year, a new gallery focusing on emerging young Chinese artists, was started in the Dragon Year by friends who are all 'Dragons' themselves. Most of our artists also...
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Photograph by Founded on April 18th, 1997, He Xiangning Art Museum is the first national art museum that is named after a person. Collecting, displaying and studying Mr. He...
Design Society
Phone: +86 0755-21612685
Design Society is a new cultural platform that generates a diverse public programme with the mission to activate design as a social catalyst. Design Society adheres to the pioneering spirit of Shekou...
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