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As Expats Living in China, especially Shenzhen, a culinary void, black-hole if you will, we are deprived of “Fine” cuisine especially when it comes to European tastes. One has to trek across the border, and run the immigration gauntlet to get a chance to taste a good steak, perfect pasta or a simple dessert. Traveling nowadays across the border has become increasingly painful, especially with the current visa predicaments, so we have been relegated to eating substandard western food masquerading as fine cuisine.

So when we read on Shenzhenparty about some fine dining Italian restaurants opening in the neighborhood of Futian district we were curious to say the least. Curious because we over the years have been consistently disappointed with what ends up on being served at these places, Mexican canteras serving everything under the sun from tacos to pastas, to noodles and pizzas.
After a roll of the dice, we decided to hop into Milano a newly opened restaurant run by three friendly paisan’s (Italian for friends). Conveniently located at a laowai friendly destination in Anwhe Tascha on Shennan Dadao. Milano’s décor is a mix of modern and contemporary styles, with Glass walls, Red chairs and Roman Balustrades holding up a convivial and inviting dining space. We were are once put to ease by the Guilio the Maître’d who also happens to be the owner of the place. We were a table of 5 with varied experience with fine Italian, Guilio guided us through Menu advising us through its intricacies.
The Menu itself is a wonderful mix of Classics Haute cuisine, and also simpler offerings or the new comer to Italian food. Plenty of Antipasti (Appetizers), followed by both, home-made pastas ( thick flat pasta) and the other favorites like Spaghetti and Penne in home-made sauces. A sizeable collection of Secondi (mains) of Carne (meat) and Pesce (fish) offer classics done to perfection under the Chefs who hail from South Italy.
We asked for the Chefs to help us through the selection, knowing full well that being brand new, they would be more comfortable serving certain dishes over others. Under the watchful eyes of Guilio and the chefs we ordered a spattering of appetizers and mains, served with a clean crisp Frescata (white wine). The Antipasto(appetizers) were fantastic, the Antipasto Mare e Monti , Grilled Vegetables with Seafood was highlighted by the simplicity of the dish, the Veggies perfectly marinated, not too much vinegar, nor where they drained in Olive oil. The Caprese di Bufala, buffalo Mozzarella with Fresh Sliced tomatoes and Basil, was perfect, The Mozzarella had just been flown in from Italy and had all, the old world flavor one could ask for. The meat eaters amongst us had opted for the Carpaccio which was topped with Rocket salad, Parmesan and drizzled with olive oil, which featured fresh and tender slices of raw beef that we cleaned off the plate right away.
A glass of Frescata wine complimentary from the Guilio set up the stage for the Secondi (main course). I had the Filetto Di Manzo Al Marsala, Filet of Beef with Mushroom in a Marsala sauce. The beef was extremely tender and the Marsala sauce added to the perfection, on the side I had a Penne Arrabiata cooked perfectly Al-Dente and just enough spice to tantalize the pallet. My wife a vegetarian had the Ravioli Ricotta & Spinach in a light pink sauce, The light sauce complimented the generously filled ravioli with the fresh Ricotta bringing the dish together in harmony. Other guests had the Scaloppina Al Vino Bianco, Veal escalopes in a white wine sauce was served with some wonderfully marinated eggplants, the veal itself a marvel in Shenzhen, procured via Milanos secret sources was fork tender and cooked to perfection.
It is needless to say that we were utterly satisfied by the meal, but what stole the evening was the Tiramisu, it was simply put the best Tiramisu this side of the Vatican, not the gooey glop you get around the world. It left us speechless and asking for more and more.
I told the owners and Chefs that I will send back as many people as I can to this gem of a place. So my fellow Shengers, build up your appetite and head to Milano’s. Bon Appetito’s

Address: 1/F, An Hui Building, Che Gong Miao, NO.6007 Shennan Road, Futian District.
Contact Giulio at 13509628146 for reservations.

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I have to agree with Jenny

    1. I have to agree with Jenny and also have been mislead to believe that was a real italian food based on some reviews that have been posted here and thats why i decided to write this commrent. The owners are italians but maybe their Mammas didnt teach them how to cook....What a terrible food!
    2. We have ordered a pizza bianca and some prosciutto which they were just fine, but when the main course arrived I can say that I had my worst carbonara ever, not just because they used low quality ingredients, but the recipe was not even a real italian....i just cant call that carbonara because it looks more like a fried rice with noodles.
    3. Due to my bad experience (my partners pasta was similarly bad) I have decided to pass on dessert and just have a good espresso....when the espresso arrives it was cold and foamy and strong, it looks more like an american coffee on espresso cup.
    4. A place that cant give you the basics wont deserve your business....I strongly dont recommend it.
    5. In case you are in Shanghai I can recomment Mercatto and in Guangzhou you can have great italian food at Buon Giorno and Ogg
    6. Regarding service, I can say they are also below average.



Thanks Jenny. Finally an

Thanks Jenny. Finally an honest person...We were there last night..SUCKED...Poor food, same as you say....Pre cooked stuff...I have been to Italy many times, my daughter in law is Italian, my Grandkids are 1/2 Italian.... The only restaurant "Italian" in CHINA is Anglelo's...Admit it.

After reading various reviews

After reading various reviews for the restaurant, I was fairly convinced that it was a dining experience not to be missed. Many described the restaurant as a "fine dinning experience", however I dare say that the term "fine" was loosely used. Food arrived on the table in no time, I personally saw this as a flaw, not a bonus. The speed of serving may suggest that food are pre-made and frozen, then reheated. Personally, I would not call this "fine" dining or "home-made"(as labelled on the menu). As I expected, my pasta was obviously pre-made. The waiter did not deny the fact that it was indeed re-heated from the frozen pasta made a few days ago. The filling of the cannelloni was not held together by any sort of sauce or cheese,it was dry and crumbly.The pasta of the cannelloni also experienced texture problems with the re-heating.I dare say that the re-heat was not even done in the oven by via microwave, since it was not evenly cooked.sigh.The dessert was rather disappointing as well. The tiramisu was not made from the traditional lady fingers, but with sponge cake, causing obvious texture issues with the spongecake crumbling and falling apart in your mouth. With sponge cake, it doesnt require to be soaked in rum as long as lady fingers, making the rum taste rather bland and just dies away with the crumbling of the sponge cake. I also doubt if it was made with mascapone cheese, as it lacked richness. It was simply shocking.And to be frank, the mentioning of the "friendly chef", may I ask, where?? And where has your genuine italian passion for food disappeared to?

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It is simple. As long as the

It is simple. As long as the taxi driver understands you and knows where that building is;) Lots of knew drivers just arrived like, last month. If anyone wants to go sometime soon, look me up on and send me a message. I'd like to go back soon and would love to meet some new people. :)

In case it is not clear from

In case it is not clear from the original post, the address for telling a taxi driver is really simple: Anhui Da Sha. (Anhui, as in place name, Big Building.)

Area is Xiang Mi Hu. (Honey Lake).

Fantastic place.

Milano is the best italian

Milano is the best italian restaurant in Shenzhen,i'm italian and i know very well Shenzhen so i know other restaurants,but Milano is the best for the food, for the price and for the style (very nice).
Good luck to the three italians who stay always there,i'll came there many times.

Okie, so i am gonna go there

Okie, so i am gonna go there with friends tomorrow. and definitely i want that special milano tiramisu, haha

I come Milano with some

I come Milano with some friends again. We try the different food and wine. Very nice! If you like Italian food,here,will be one of your best choice:)

Thanks so much

Thanks so much everybody........

I will keep it up



Milano Italian Restaurant

Love the food there , yummy

Love the food there , yummy yummy

will go there again soon .

Emily Hsu

Milano is a great place for

Milano is a great place for Italian food. 3 Italians there will take care of you...Great food,nice talking with Giulio. Will come back with more friends. Also good wishes to them!

What a great place!!! I had

What a great place!!!

I had dinner yesterday in Milano restaurant and I need to say that it is the best italian restaurant in Shenzhen. Food is excellent...they have two italians chefs, Giulio is looking after his guests and prices are very friendly.

All italian food lovers should check the place!!!

Good luck to them

They will see me again for sure there

Finally an Italian

Finally an Italian restaurant. I have been to the Milano's. Nice and pleasant place. The food was excellent and original and the prices accessible to everybody. The three owners metre and chefs are Italian and I did them my compliments. The service is not excellent because still miss the waiters but I think that shortly also this will be perfect. Overall I must say that Milano is a beautiful place where you can eat Italian dishes cooked from Italian.

I visited Milano's tonight

I visited Milano's tonight with some of my friends. What a treat:) A really classy looking place with delicious authentic Italian food. I won't give a lengthy review as Sid has done a very good job in getting the point across that Milano's is a great Italian restaurant that should not be missed. I'll focus on getting you to the place:)I hope it's location won't be difficult for people to find, so tomorrow at work, I will be scanning their business card with map and editing it so it is in english as well. It is basically in between the Che Gong Miao metro(use exit D and walk left. D1 might take you directly there, but I went the long way using D which could be confusing for some) and Xiang Mi Hu metro. It's on the side across from the china merchants bank headquarters builing. The side you would use ShenNan Da Dao to go to Luohu. First floor of the An Hui building(An hui Da Sha for you crazy chinese speakers 安徽大厦.

All have to agree the Tiramisu is really good. I got the Parmigiana Pizza with shredded Parmesan cheese and eggplant plus some other toppings. I love Angelo's pizza, but this was IMO just as great. A little different in flavor but amazing pizza sauce. Bring a friend, pass it on, give them some traffic. Prices as stated were great too. My pizza was 75yuan and my 15rmb iced tea had free refills:) FREE REFILLS! Who knows if that will continue on, but I do love my little freebies;)

One criticism was that my pizza was not cut into slices and I had to use my fork and knife to do the job. I mentioned this to the waitress that it wasn't sliced and she had to go get a fork and kife to do the job so I said forget it and performed the delicate surgery myself. Though, they have only been open for about 4 days according to Guilio and since they didn't have to go boxes and such I think the lack of slicer is due to everything not being there yet. So I'll give them a pass;)

Speaking of Guilio, he seems like a really nice, funny guy and introduced himself and one of his chefs to me. Very interested in seeing us happy with our meals. I hope I have time to make it to their restaurant again soon and hope some of the people of this site will go too. Possibly, we can go together and give this new place a proper welcome to Shenzhen's growing international restaurant scene.

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Milano,one of the best

Milano,one of the best Italian restaurant in Shenzhen I think. Food,service,price...everything is satisfied our requirements. Giulio, we will come often!

Wonderful food,that's for

Wonderful food,that's for sure. Milano also has the well-chosen Italian wine. Take your delicious Veal escalopes with Parma ham with bottle of Rosso... One glass Limoncello or Grappa... Nice!

I came Milano 2 times with

I came Milano 2 times with my friends. Will come third,forth,fifth... The owner is very friendly and the chef really cooked the real Italian food. A place to meet. The place to relax.


Caprese,Carpaccio...start with beautiful appetizer. I like here. Please do not forget try the home-made pasta, tagliatelle with smoked salmon,ravioli, also the Penne with home-made pesto sauce,perfect!

I am so happy to see sid's

I am so happy to see sid's big comment on the first page of Shenzhenparty. I love Italian Pizza, so Milano is my choice, and will be yours...

Milano is the real Italian

Milano is the real Italian restaurant in Shenzhen. I am sure he will become famous very soon.. tasting Italian food, decorous service, amazing Italian song...I will come with more friends. Remember I like Italy Grappa,Giulio:)

Milano,I love the food,cold

Milano,I love the food,cold cuts,beef carpaccio,pizza brad,home-made tagliatelle with salmon,mix of grilled seafood,tiramisu...limoncello. I pass the joyful night with my friends. By the way,the price is really started lower. Thanks for the warmly welcome from Giulio and 2 Italian chef. We will come back.

Dear Mr.Sid, I agree with

Dear Mr.Sid, I agree with your comments. I went to Milano late night, it is really a nice place, for food, for service...with friends, with family... it is the right palce to meet...

here is the link to the

here is the link to the other comments about Milano's
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