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Im Sure im not alone on this, everyone that lives in Shenzhen, or has even passed Via Shenzhen Knows about the issue of venues, prestigious or not, do engage in the illegal act of selling fake/copy alcohol.

This is a huge problem in mainland china, not only in Shenzhen, but from my experience i think the major area that its happening, is down here. I have been to places where when you open the bottle it burns your eyes it is so badly, obviously and sickeningly fake.

The response from the venue you ask? well the best one i got went like this:
Me: Hi this Chivas is fake!
Staff: How do you know sir?
Me Smell it!
Staff:(nearly falls over from fowl smell)
Me: I want a new bottle!
Staff: Im sorry sir do you work for chivas? No? So how can you be an expert on Chivas?

Now admittedly, im NOT an expert on fake real or hat ever alcohol, however I am pretty sure myself and just about anyone else out there that drinks, knows that unless its bai Jiu, its not supposed to burn your eyes when you open the bottle!

So I am willing to name and shame venues I KNOW 100% are selling fake alcohol!

1) Luohu Duty free, when entering china, its on the china side of the river second shop on the right
How do i know? I brought a bottle of Smirnoff, got it home, put it in the freezer, and it froze solid! and also upon closer inspection of the bottle, all the print on the bottom was all out of line and wrong!

So...Do these venues know they are selling fake alcohol? yes i feel they do! then why are they doing it? for the same reason most other vendors try stunts like this, to get ahead in a world where you are supposed to stay inline! (more money they want young jedi)

If anyone else knows a venue that has sold them fake alcohol and not been happy to exchange it or refund it, or you have anymore info about the topic, please don't hesitate o add to this post, all opinions are welcomed!

and ill list a few others that have happened to me as i get some responses.

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so inclub swapped it out for

so inclub swapped it out for a AAA better knock off? I think the only places with real alchohol have mixed drinks for like 70rmb - like the 4 star hotels.

Inclub on my friend's last


on my friend's last birthday,we ordered 2 bottles of black label,after we discovered they were fake ,we asked the manager to change and amazingly he did it!
its actually useless to complain about fake alcohol here since triads are the one's selling it to bars.

u r right i mean is it

u r right i mean is it normal to feel this bad the next day when u go out to a club
it must be the fake stuff we end up buying i hate it how bars earn money this way by killing there clients

yeah this is also a big

yeah this is also a big problem in Spain. it is well know that all bars have 1, 2, and third quality liquors available from distributors.
if you get the third quality, be prepared for stinking of meths the next day its not funny
in spain they use the term "gone blind" for what happens if you drink too much of that.

One Word- Terrible! Luckily

One Word- Terrible!
Luckily that I can't drink now

I thought that if you bought

I thought that if you bought it at the border, then it would be safe. Luohu, yes in the big shops. (not outside on the SZ side).

I came by bus late one night from HK and bought a bottle of Jim Beam black label.

It didn't taste right and I wondered why. After all, I bought it a shop in the customs building. Damn mylive ris probably still twitchin'.

Fakes from the licensed shops. What next? Quit drinking? I had fake Heineken one time at a bar and who knows what else?

re: Huanggang Duty

re: Huanggang Duty Free.

I've bought from there many times and I've had no problems so far. The Stolichnaya vodka is excellent and a good deal. Also, it's 10x better and smoother than any Absolute product.

The Crown Royal whisky is a steal. I'm a Canadian and it's definitely the real thing. Plus it's way better than Chivas. It also comes with the classic purple sack.

Go for some Stoli & Crown and don't be disappointed!

Here is an article from Time

Here is an article from Time out Beijing on the same topic, interesting read
[Wowzers Batman]

New Huanguang border

New Huanguang border crossing. The duty free, techincally on the hong kong side. Steer clear of the lower shelf booze as it is pretty much all poison.

Any bottle of absolut citron you find about small stores.. pure evil.

Wallmart... Amazingly, at Ja ni na plaza. Pepe lopez tequila that literally says on the bottle that it is made at Getalot industries in Guangdong. An industrial methannol death sentence.

Its not just that this fake alcohol causes the worst hangovers ever, it destroys organs. If I want to OD on something I would prefer it to be a little more glamourous than bootleg booze.

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