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Bannish the 'demon' (Letter to the Editor)

This is an email i get sent to me.

It was barely over a year ago that a friend invited me to join him at this new bar area that had just opened close to his apartment. I remember it clearly as I had never had so much difficulty finding a bar – it was absolutely desolate. For a few weeks we would meet there as we were, perfectly honestly, the only ones there and it was good place to talk shop over a beer.

Happy Hour was extended for us, and occasionally even a freebee, as a service to the owner’s sole patrons. He would sit and chat with us, and we’d talk about how he could promote the place to get, perhaps, more than two customers per night. Eventually we started bringing friends over and slowly it came to life. Still, we maintained a kind of VIP status as the initial patrons.

Oh, how times have changed. Go there now after work and finding staff that would bother even acknowledge your presence, or allow you to purchase a drink without a frown and a scoff, is like opening a Christmas gift you actually like – it is so rare the World Wildlife Foundation is considering listing them as an endangered species.

Happy Hour closes 15 minutes prior to the posted time, which is irrelevant because the free beers are always, and I do mean always, argued as being consumed. Order two drinks during Happy Hour, supposed to get four – an argument will always follow for the fourth. As the night progresses, change takes longer and longer to arrive in the hopes alcohol-induced temporary amnesia will grant the staff a holiday bonus.

I could go on and on about the de-evolution of the bar we know as “Demon” at CoCo. But why? I saw a film once where an auditor was looking at the accounting books of the USA government, and he said “if ran my business like this… well, I’d be out of business!” I couldn’t have said it better myself, it’s the Darwinism of business. Poorly run business should change or go under. Poorly treated patrons should stop patronizing. Why go where we’re not welcome and our business is not only unappreciated, is considered an entitlement? Shenzhenparty does a great job of bring new bars to the public’s attention. How about the other side of the coin – bringing to dreadful ones the justice they deserve. Just stop going, I have, and I am back to enjoying my weekends.

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Ask someone how to get to

Ask someone how to get to Bao li Dajuyuan, then you will see the bar street next to it.
[Community Manager:]
[email protected]

Guys, how the heck do you

Guys, how the heck do you find the bar street at costal city???

I'm fed up with most of the bards in Shekou and I'm looking for a change.

I went to coastal city last weekend and after walking round for ages couldn't find the bar street.

I don't know what everyone

I don't know what everyone else thinks; but I'm sure that the writer of the above comment is a local friend of Demon bars owner pretending to be one of us "foreigners" to help his mate out.

Talking about being an old

Talking about being an old lady searching for western contacts - I'm (54 austro-hungarian) frequently in SZ for 2-3 weeks and want to meet some people to exchange new, chat and have fun. Speaking english, german, some french, italian and of course hungarian. pls contact

Ok, Firstly, The orginal

Ok, Firstly, The orginal post was an email that was sent to me in regards to demon bar, and I was asked to publish it anonymously, do you know what that means?
Now if you read my comments, I have simply agreed with the other people that have put up similar comments.
And infact when i came to china, i DID speak chinese, and there were verfy few people to help me out.
And yes now 2 years later I am very familiar with shenzhen. So how long are we expected to wait for the service at demon to get better? 2 years 3 years 4 years or NEVER?
If people choose to not goto Demon, its their own CHOICE just as i am sure there are places you choose not to goto.
If you like Demon, thats fine, we are not trying to change your view on the establishment.
We expressed our views, just as you have just expressed yours.
So thank you for the comments.
[Wowzers Batman]
[email protected]

This is my second comment

This is my second comment and hope the Editor will publish my comments. Iam a very regular to Demons and i was very surprised infact stunned by the above comments. Well ! as a very regular to Demons i find that place is actually far better than other bars in Shenzhen especially in Futian & Luohu area. I think the Editor has been to Demons many times too and infact we all foreigners should think on a more practical manner rather than just write whats on our minds. 99% of all the problems had happened during the happy hour buy 1 get 1 free drinks. Maybe the management should find a more practical solution on that matter. I really against to what few people say of Boycotting Demons which is not so easy because even if we sit in Juicy Juicy as what some of the guys do now they have to walk through Demons to go to the Toilets. So lets all forget the unhappiness. I find the owner is a very friendly and understanding guy. Perhaps you guys can talk to him , explain to him. Iam sure thiongs can be worked out.
Now for the first letter posted by Scott Welsh on 22nd January, when first you came to china iam sure you couldnt speak a single chinese word. neither you know anything about Shenzhen. Iam sure someone would have helped you. Now maybe after a year or two , u are no more stranger to shenzhen and maybe you can speak Putonghua too. Now you dont need anyones help. Well thats exactly the same situation in Demons. Thats called Huam circle. It happens on everyones life. So i think you should think on a broader prospective instead of arguing for few drinks

I have generally also become

I have generally also become somewhat disillusioned with the quality of service of the bars at CoCo Park...but there is light in the tunnel that is the metro...and only one short stop away at Hui Zhan Zhong Xin station (Exit B) in the form of the new LIPS Bar. Great ambience, great value and great service.

I passed Lips about a week

I passed Lips about a week or 2 ago on the way to Subway Sandwiches, As we approached we got flocked by staff "Hello Hello Please Look" and as I looked inside i saw what i think was a White Foreigner standing on stage, I think he was doing comedy, either that or singing, But either way, the place was 100% empty.
Ill give it a try if im over that way, But its still not the same as sitting in a noisy place with lots of friends and being able to watch the sports on tv. The interior did look classy, but classy towards a clubbing style place, not a bar or pub place.
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[email protected]

I found a possible

I found a possible alternative in Central Walk (Huizhanzhongxin Exit B) it is called Lips, has an all white interior and outdoor seating. More info to come later.

I was always taught to let

I was always taught to let people redeem themselves when they've done wrong, but Demon Bar has squandered that privilege . Time and time again, I have been let down by the shoddy service at Demon Bar. I understand when it’s busy things get a bit strained, however two nights ago I was there with some clients, with no more than 20 people drinking at the place, and we waited for about ten minutes without being given a drinks menu, so I turned to see what was going on. To my disbelief, but not shock, the staff were playing the dice game at a table and ignoring all patrons of the bar, instead they were laughing out loud and continuing with their fun. I was annoyed and yelled at them to come over, and they finally did, but with an attitude that we were being a great disservice to them for asking for drinks. Two days before that event, I had the same experience of waiting when I showed up and had to look around for some sort of staff member to help me out, because none were to be found. This was a Sunday afternoon and there were perhaps 8 people in the whole bar. I looked behind me and there was a staff member playing with his lighter and not looking up, until I spoke up.

I don’t expect to be treated any differently because I'm a foreigner, but I expect to be served. I have no idea why people go there. I know for certain, that I will boycott the place, especially knowing the owner doesn’t care what we think, and when you have CK from 3D Bar who knows how to run a place like the way it should be, making customer service a top priority. Also, he listens to suggestions on how to make the place better, from types of beers people want, to the music that should be played.

So in short: Demon Bad, 3D AWESOME

Justin R. Gallego

Demon Bar's Service is

Demon Bar's Service is crap

I don't blame the staff for their crap service I blame management. Having been there at least a hundred times, in at least eighty of them, I experienced crap service. I fully support the boycott until they stop providing crap service.

yes i know ray, i used to

yes i know ray, i used to frequent the louhu location at lunch often, but then they closed it down.
Was back and 3D bar again last night, and was talking to CK the owner for most the night, I still cant find one problem with that place, and they are opening up a new 3D at houhai Coastal city Bar street!
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[email protected]

Here's my take... Demon

Here's my take...

Demon Bar:
1) They need to get a better manager to train/lead their staff. Often you see 4-5 of them standing around talking with little notice that they are supposed to be working. Pay attention to your customers!
2) They need to get some tokens or something similar to give people for the 'buy one get one free' happy hour special. That way there would be no arguments, all the customer would have to say is.. "Here is my token for my second free beer". End of conversation.

1) Went there on Friday night and according to the line manager with glasses, the happy hour is no longer going on!! Since my wife and I are pretty regular customers (good food there), he gave a two for one on Tsingtao.. but again, the rules of service are not clear to staff nor customers. Please clarify what the happy hour special is! PS: Harry is a good manager.. get him to train the others!

Underrated restaurant:
Calio - the manager there Ray works hard at his business and interacts with customers regularly. It's more of a restaurant than a bar, but the service is the best in Coco Park and the drinks are good.

I am the one who goes there

I am the one who goes there because it is convenient, it has that critical mass where I know that there may be one or two people there whom I know, and that there will probably be a fair amount of eye candy (I'm married but Roger isn't). Physically, it is also the place that is most similar to an American neighborhood bar. That critical mass has made it the default place to go in Coco even though everyone else feels the same.

I will continue to go to Coco Park, but prefer the other places in Coco Park. Service is indeed bad at Demon. Joel, could you be more specific on the hours and specifics of the Focaccino Happy Hour? BTW, the Parma Ham and pasta is good. Small, but right amount of garlic and olive oil.

What's the deal with Juicy Juice? Is it a bar or is it a Juice place? In the first month or two, when it was still seemingly a juice place, it had a hot dog, but now only drinks.

(Roger is a pomeranian.)

When I was directed to this

When I was directed to this letter, I didn't think I had too many problems with Demon. Sure the waitstaff were slow, surly, lazy and just plain not nice, but we're in China, it's the price you pay isn't it? I used to go to 3D bar but stopped because it isn't really convenient. I recently went back to 3D and realized what I was missing. It is so friendly and the service is good. Maybe foccacino is worth giving a shot too, but for now I think I'm going to keep going to 3D and to hell with the inconvenience.

Has anyone been to the windows of the world bar street? I heard there was a 3D there and some other good bars. Maybe we should start patronizing there too.

Now that a few people have

Now that a few people have repied i wanna throw my 2 cents in also (or is it liang fen?)
I along with a number of other friends have already boycotted this place and have also returned to our oriinal place 3D bar in JUSCO.
The service really is horrible at Demon, they are all too happy to take your money but not give u back your change anytime soon. Also the other Bars around have started to stop delivering food to demon now, so as far as i am concerned I wont go back to Coco bar street for a while.

Go 3D bar you guys know what customer service is, Good luck CK!!!

[Wowzers Batman]
[email protected]

We here at Focaccino are

We here at Focaccino are tying hard to earn your late night bar business. Did you know that we have a full bar service with beer, wine, martinis and all the other popular cocktails? Did you know that we have a Late Night Happy Hour every night? If you want a quiet intimate setting to enjoy a few drinks with friends or lovers then please give us a try. We will do our best to earn your late night bar business!! We do care!!

I've been to demon many

I've been to demon many times, usually alone, as an older foreign woman in this country it's hard to find some-where to go. I have always found the owner & staff very friendly & if i ask for coffee they go to foccacino & get one for me. Maybe as i've been in Chaina many years i don't expect too much, then i'm not disappointed.

P.S. Demon has great aussie wine.

I have been to Demon bar

I have been to Demon bar with my bf many times and we always have bad experiences. Mostly they don’t want to give you your change back, even when there is no one else there on a Sunday afternoon they still take 30 minutes to give you your change. One time we went I asked for cold lemonade and they gave me one that was so hot it felt like it was from the oven. So when my bf called the staff over they said they had no cold ones, but then he went and got the manager and he brought one that was really really cold, and when we asked him why the staff said they had none all he said was “Buhaoyisi”! And that was all!

Emily Hsu

I was never a Demon Regular

I was never a Demon Regular though I did appreciate it when they got Stella. For months I have heard people complain about Demon but what I didn't understand is Focaccino tried to do a a late night happy hour that was buy one get one free which was perfect for people sick of Demon but it didn't seem to take off. Why did the people that are so frustrated with Demon not support Focaccino?

I dont know what bothers me

I dont know what bothers me more right now, the service at Demon Bar or the fact that its Jan 1st 2008 and I am so irritated with Demon, that I am sitting here writing about it.

Till now, if I didnt like a place, I just spoke with my feet, and didnt patronize the establishment. Its Simple!! dont go where you are not made feel welcome.

However, in a cultural vacuum that Shenzhen is, there are a few places to get a pint of beer with your mates after work, and if they chose due to proximity of work and residential options, there is not much one can do.

As much as everybody in the group complained they continued to go to Demon and I, due to lack of options had to follow suit. We did however have enough to complain about.

The service or lack there of, is appauling, You actually are made to feel as if you are a burden to the staff, who much rather be elsewhere. I know many foreigners expect to get the Laowai treatment all the time, they want preferencial service, because of some self appointed exhalted status. However that is not the case at Demon.

One has to tread very gingerly when trying to manouvre around the ordering process. Its awfully easy to derail the whole thing when trying to coordinate the Order/happy hour drinks. It always seems like they are trying to get one up on you, by shafting you on the drink orders. In over 10 months of atleast 2 trips a week, I have yet to go away without some sort of displeasure caused by the highly incompetent staff.

Talking about staff, there is plenty off, just that they seem to be loitering around in bovine bliss in the middle of service, found huddled together next to the service bar ignorant of customers existance.

The whole process seems to be flawed at Demon, with a archaic process similiar to the now defunt Soviet state, more paper work less service.

Go off the reservation, and you are knee deep in kak!!!
Order anything other than Beer and liquor by bottle and you are in for further dissapointment. I learned that after encountering a few strange and bizzare concoctions that defied their own existance.

For me, no more Demon, unless things change for the better.

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