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Concord Camera Factory will Close its Doors

My former employer Concord Camera is closing its doors and liquidating assets. This camera factory had over 7,000 employees when I started working their. When I left 3 years later it was down to 2,500 employees and just a couple years later it is closing it's doors. The factory is located in Henggang in Longgang district.

Low-end camera maker Concord Camera has just announced it is closing after 28 years of operation. Concord announced that liquidation proceedings will begin as soon as possible. The company, which for decades made cheap 35mm and single-use cameras for mass merchandisers, employed 108 people, half of whom worked in Hong Kong. Concord had made single-use cameras for Kodak until 2004, and the company never recovered from the loss of its biggest client, while digital camera sales further eroded its sales. In recent years, the company marketed a handful of low-end digital cameras.

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I really can't imagin such a

I really can't imagin such a big company-Concord has collapsed in sudden time. Finantial crisis did caused great influnce on American enterprises.

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