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Shenzhen Border Crossings Information

NOTE: As of February 28, 2020, Shenzhen Shekou Port has announced plans to make the adjustments to the ferry service during the coronavirus epidemic, Please visit our article What Borders between Shenzhen and Hong Kong are open for more information.

•Huanggang Port (皇岗口岸)

Hours: 24 hr Getting there: 4, 9, 23, 26, 35, 47, 109, 203, 219, 225, 235, 305, 312, 313, 325, 326, 338, 339, 357, 362, 366, 367, 372, 377 and Airport Line 9 or taxi or Mtero line 7 to Huanggang Port (皇岗口岸). 

Luohu Port (深圳罗湖口岸) 

Hours: 06:30–24:00
Getting there: Metro line 1 to Luohu Station or taxi/bus 

•Futian Port (福田口岸) 

Hours: 06:30–24:00
Getting there: Take the metro line 4 to Futian Port Station, bus or taxi

Wenjin Du Port (文锦渡口岸) 

Hours: 07:00 to 22:00
Getting there: bus 5, 14, 40, 97, 242, 378, N18 or taxi 

•Shatou Jiao Port (沙头角口岸)

Hours: 07:00 to 24:00
Getting there: bus 53, 68, 85, 202 or 205 or taxi 

Shenzhen Bay Port (深圳湾口岸) 

Hours: 06:30 to 24:00
Getting there: bus 31, 90, 98, 217, 245, B602, M 206 or taxi

Shekou Ferry Port and Cruise Terminal (蛇口客运码头) 

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (深圳宝安国际机场) 

West Kowloon Station Hong Kong 

Source from: Shenzhenshopper & Hong Kong/Shenzhen Border Crossing Information from 

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Hi,Looking for up to date

Looking for up to date information. We are a group of Aussies wanting to visit Shenzhen whilst we are in Hong Kong. 
Can you still get a Shenzhen visa at LoWu crossing?
Any help appreciated,

Will the Luohu border

Will the Luohu border crossing remain open during the Chinese New Year holiday in particular is it possible to cross on Jan 26?

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