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CityU’s Improper Course Arrangement Aroused Quarrel btw HK and Mainland Students

A mainland under-postgraduate of City University of Hong Kong required teaching in Mandarin in a class which was supposed to be taught in Cantonese. The requirement aroused discontent of some Hong Kong classmates, and more, according to a report of local media, prompted a war of words. However, the mainland student concerned claimed that local media has exaggerated the affair in report and it was the improper course arrangement that led to the friction.


The concerned course is “Essential Concepts in Chinese Culture”, which has two versions - one taught in Cantonese and one in Mandarin. In that class, it was the version taught in Cantonese. In the first class, some mainland students expressed that they could not understand Cantonese and asked whether teacher could use Mandarin to teach. This made some students from Hong Kong discontent and said mainland students should follow the rules. In the next class, bilingual teaching was used, but Hong Kong students thought the tempo would be put off. Both parties seemed to have conflicts in verbal expressions. 


The affair was discussed furiously by Hong Kong citizens after it was reported by local media. Hong Kong students thought mainland students should have known that the course would be taught in Cantonese because it was clearly mentioned when they selected the course. If they could not understand Cantonese and they should not have chosen the version that taught in Cantonese. 


However, the concerned mainland student told Ms. Huang Zhiyuan, the reporter of Phoenix TV, via wechat that the local media has exaggerated the fact. He denied the war of words between Hong Kong and mainland students. Only few Hong Kong students could not accept the teacher spoke Mandarin in course. He said the main reason why this would happened was the improper course arrangement of CityU. If students from mainland want to graduate within one year - the required time, they have to choose the course that would be taught in Cantonese, because the time of Mandarin course is in conflict with core course’s. 91 students have chosen the course and 61% of them are mainland students. Recent years, CityU has expanded enrollment in mainland, which results in the ratio of mainland students and local students almost reaching 7:3. The student said CityU now even could not provide the condition to make sure they could graduate in required time, because courses could not be fully carried out due to fund shortage. He thought students from mainland had paid high tuition, about CNY 60,000 to 70,000 per person, but could not receive relevant education. He felt speechless about this.



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