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Champs Bar & Grill

Champs Bar & Grill is a typical American neighbourhood sports bar and restaurant, and provides great quality comfort food and a grand selection of local and imported beers, selected wines, oversized cocktails and so on. The theme of the outlet evolves around popular sports.

Operation Hours:  5pm - 2am (Mon - Sun) & 5pm - 12:30am (Mon – Sun, a-la-carte)

Location: Level 2 

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
Level 2 Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen East Side, Railway Station, 1002 Jianshe Road, Shenzhen 518001, China
Place Phone: 
(86 755) 8396 1387

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It's my favourite bar in

It's my favourite bar in Shenzhen. The food is good, though admittedly the service is patchy and temperemental but that's part of the charm for me. There's an 8 ball competition every Wednesday and the expats here are far more welcoming and open to new people than many of the bars I've been in Shenzhen.

If you like pool then free jello shots for fouls and a free bottle of booze to the winner on competition nights (no entry fee) are a definite bonus, but get there before 7.30 if you want to play.

Watch out for the drinks promotions too, though you'll need to ask about them to qualify most nights, the staff won't tell you unless you do, and you may be drinking promo booze at full whack unless you ask.

There's a really popular salsa dancing class on Friday's too, which appears to be free - not really my thing so I don't do it.

Hi Tiff, I appreciate that

Hi Tiff,

I appreciate that you took time to leave us your comment, I am deeply sorry that your experience was not up to your expectations and the service standards that Shangri-La stands for. If you have time in the future please contact me I would be happy to here more comments from you.


Eric Arroyo

I was @champs last nite.

I was @champs last nite. There was a salsa night. The waitress (tall round face girl) came to intro many foods to me n my partner. We ordered and she confirmed the orders without taking notes. The food came wrongly for both of us. My salmon came with baked potatoe, although i asked for french fries and my partner's burger came as chicken quesadillas. We accepted it as we did not want to make her life difficult for informing wrong info to the kitchen. But what makes me angry was at the end of the dinner, she just poured the 1/4 bottle of wine to my partner's glass which was crazy...who would drink a full glass of wine in one shot? And that white wine needed to be chilled. I have the impression that she just wanted to "kick" us out of the restaurant asap. It's very annoying and unpleasant experience caused by this waitress. She's not a new staff there but her attitude is totally unacceptable for a 5 stars hotel like Shangri-la. I hope the management will do something about it...or else I will never visit Champs again. Such a pity if a place like this is ruined by a bad service from this girl

We just ate there. And just

We just ate there. And just to clarify, I really never eat at Champs back in the US unless I am on vacation somewhere.

I started out not being very impressed when my GF asked for directions from one of the Shangri-La employees and he said "You don't want to go there. There's no food, it's just dancing and beer." Huh? Okay . . . When we got inside I noticed the place was empty and wondered how many other people that guy had said the same thing too. While we were there it did fill up, but maybe only 2 more couples came in the same route we did from an escalator.

Dinner was about double the price of what it would have been in the US and we didn't even have drinks (unless you count the two $5+ Cokes.) The price would have been fine if it tasted better.

I have been experimenting making nachos at home and we wanted to see if these were better. Not so much. Chips with melted cheese, black olives a few tomato cubes and some decent guacamole-like substance. Sour cream and mild salsa was one the side. I had really hoped they might have jalepenos which I haven't yet found in Shenzhen. I was surprised there was sour cream since the time I tried the nasty Taco Bell Grande that used to be here and they gave us yogurt instead!

I don't think I have had a burger that was ever so flavorless before. Even McDonalds has a distinctive taste. My GF's ribs were probably the best item we tried. Tasted the same as something like Chili's I guess which is what they are going for. I rarely have ordered ribs in the US outside a BBQ joint but that's what I'd compare these too. And it's pretty much as expected.

I'm glad I tried it or I would always be curious. If you are craving American food and must eat there, maybe give the club sandwich or salad a go. For me, I think it's just poor food and too expensive to return and take a chance. Service was fine in my opinion. There was a 65rmb surcharge/tip.

I must have caught them on

I must have caught them on an off night.
Food was average, service was terrible even though there were only 2 customers.
Atmosphere is completely gone. Yes it is cleaner and smarter than HJBeans, but that was part of its charm. Atmosphere wasnt helped by having no patrons but the bar area has absolutely no character. I would characterize the menu as "severely limited".
Beans had its faults but this is worse.

I tried Champs last week and

I tried Champs last week and it was great. The food is greatly improved from the Henry J. Beans days. We started out with Cheese Sticks with fresh Marinara sauce and we moved onto a Taco Bowl Salad (the only place in Shenzhen to get this) after I went onto the BBQ ribs which were also done well with a great BBQ Sauce. For drinks we had Stella Artois on draft and Mojito's with fresh mint. We ended up with the "World's Smallest Sundae" for desert which was just the right size because the portions at this place are very large.