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Monster’s Footprint by MAD

Dezeen Design Magazine has a article on 17th Dec 2009

Beijing architects MAD have created an installation of two large monster’s footprints as part of the Shenzhen & Hong Kong bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in China.

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It's really a nice view and

It's really a nice view and an activity. i think people enjoyed watching it from a high distance. An amazing and great view. It's the first time I saw this kind. This place will be a great place to visit this holiday. I wish people will continue to make this amazing creative thing so that we can forget some problems at the mean time.Problems in connection to our present economic condition, such as  more people live in rental properties than those who own their own home.  At a certain point, you accumulate enough possessions that any loss, such as fire or theft, would be a great detriment and that is why it is prudent to get a renter's insurance policy. So, it's great knowing we have time to relax,enjoy and make something creative things like this one.

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