Women’s Health Care in China Series- Save the Date! October 15th

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Taking Care of Yourself Inside and Out

Taking Care of Yourself Inside and Out

Taking Care of yourself-Inside and Out


 OCTOBER 15th  7PM

This  is the first of our evening discussions sponsored by Linda Lee Interactive and the Shekou Women’s International Club. October 15th’s speakers will feature Dr. Kate Jiang, OB/GYN of Shekou People’s Hospital, Peggy Mengli, managing director of nursing at Shekou People’s Hospital and SWIC member Karen Behringer, RN/MPH. Learn about health care practices for women in mainland China and  make connections with others to  develop topic based   health care interest groups.

Reserve your seat now! Send an email to president@swiconline.com


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Women healthcare is really an

Women healthcare is really an important hot issue in china. I would like to thanks Ms. Linda Lee who in this busiest era spared her precious time and sponsered this. My team of Australian Medical Locums is very very thankful to you for such act.

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