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A trip to Shenzhen Bay

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So it’s my first trip to Shenzhen—Shenzhen Bay. Regarding to some shipping business in Shenzhen Bay, my cousin took me to this spot.

Being not interested in the business, decided for a walk, then …

Wow, what a nice view here! Beautiful bridge, wonderful sea views, enjoyable fishing life for the local people…A peace world here find me comfortable. Photos are sharing.

Shenzhen Bay Bridge is the connection between Mainland China and HK China. No need to strengthen your swimming skills in order to swim to HK anymore. Using this beautiful bridge could help you a lot. Haha...

From East Point on the Shenzhen side of the first line port reclamation area, Shenzhen Bay Bridge connected to the Shenzhen Shekou and Hong Kong, Yuen Long, Shek Ngau Humphreys, according to the standard highway design, design traffic speed of 100 km, 33.1 m wide bridge for the two-way six lanes plus emergency parking on both sides.


PS: My first trip to HK is from this Shenzhen Bay.

 According to reports, this port clearance is about six o'clock am to midnight, round the clock clearance under study. It’s special in its implementation of "co-location", namely Hong Kong and Mainland China border guards in the same building inspection work. Both sides,  but were similar in different locations, for the passengers for inspection, but not only by any party responsible. This arrangement saves time.

Photos are as follows:

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About the Author:

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