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Simply Life Café Bakery

Simply Life Café Bakery --- a great place to enjoy leisure time


Nowadays, a young fashion group has transferred to Simply Life, where a good place to enjoy leisure time.

Simply Life Café Bakery is a great discovery, tucked away in the MIXC shopping mall. Since its opening from 8th, December, 2010, though not an official announcements for the launch of Simply Life Café Bakery (shenzhen), continually growing number of customers made us believe it’s so popular here in Shenzhen, China.

Just follow the aroma of fresh bread and cakes to a bunch of tables packed with young and fashion shoppers and office workers. A new European style restaurant, utilizing bread and coffee as the principal theme also including wine/potatoes/burgers and so on  just leading you into a European world. The chic European style decoration brings a sophisticated atmosphere to the restaurant.

I was quite impressed with the Self-service with plethora of choices, including the eye-catching line-up of bakeries, from savory sandwiches to sweet pastries, and various salads, loaves, and rolls. The smiling staffs are warm and nice. “The more smiles the happy mood we could bring to the customers then the happier we are as return”, Senior Bakery Consultant Sam said.

Basically, there are two kinds bread yeast bread & pastry top buns, usual uropean/Italian bread. Sam also said that most locals preferred softer, fluffier texture for all kinds of bread, like sweet rolls or white bread. But for French or Italian Style, should be critically a crispy crust and denser innards. The sugars are made in Korea and the potatoes are from American, we can see the ingredients are all selected.

The most attractive point is they served at really reasonable prices. The menu has simple dishes from salad to burger to risotto. In the opening period, RMB 6 for each bread & RMB 8 for a couple of coffee which could refilled. By the way, the strawberry pies were always sold out, are you ready to catch up?

Seen from a very heat discussions in WEIBO, Simplylife is highly recommended, well worth the effort to have a try before it has to expand to accommodate the growing hoards of fans, all after good food and the luxury of what is after all the "simple life".

Simply life café bakery=not only coffee + Bread, Love simple life, love Simplylife.

Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday 10:00-22:00
Friday-Saturday    10:00-22:30


Simply life CAFÉ BAKERY
The MIXC, Shenzhen
+86 755 2221 1782

Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou
Coming Soon in Summer 2011


Simply life BAKERY CAFÉ
Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong
+852 2256 7418

Simply life BAKERY CAFÉ
Cityplaza, Taikoo Shing
+852 2967 8163

Simplylife FOODPLACE
Citibank Plaza, Central
+852 2537 9190

Ifc mall, Central
+852 2234 7356

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About the Author:

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