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2,831 Foreigners Granted Expert Certificates

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Information Source: Shenzhen Daily, by Han Ximin.
Descriptions are quoted as below:
" SHENZHEN issued expert certificates to 2,831 foreigners working in the city in 2010, 50 percent more than the previous year, sources from the city’s foreign experts affairs bureau have said.
They included 1,221 foreigners in the economic field and 1,610 in cultural and education sectors.
There are 23,000 foreigners working permanently in Shenzhen and the bureau introduces about 70,000 foreigners to work in the city a year on average. Around 40 percent work as executives and 30 percent as senior engineers and technicians.
In 2010, 630 companies and institutions hired foreign experts, an increase of 24 percent compared with 2009.
A survey by the bureau showed most foreign experts worked in electronics, IT and telecommunications, accounting for one-third of the total. In the telecommunications field, most were from the United States and India, and worked for Huawei and ZTE.
Financial institutions, such as banks and securities companies, also hired a large number of foreigners as senior executives and fund managers.
There was an increasing number of foreign employees in the aviation industry, with about 90 foreign pilots working for Shenzhen Airlines.
About 70 percent of foreigners worked in kindergartens and primary and middle schools. As the number of international and bilingual schools was increasing, the demand for foreign teachers also increased. Shenzhen University alone employed more than 100 foreign teachers.
In the past decade, the city had attracted 550,000 foreign experts to work, ranking third among Chinese cities. Among them, 13 have won the national annual Friendship Award since it was established in 1991 to honor outstanding contributions to the nation’s development by foreign talent.
U.S. professor Jerome Leslie Belinson is the latest winner of the award. An expert on cervical cancer who works at the Beijing University Shenzhen Hospital, he introduced advanced screening technology to China, and has helped 10,000 patients in China overcome the disease."

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