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Train Derailed in March When Open For Trial Service

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Information Source: Shenzhen Daily, by Li Hao.
Photo Source: Orientaldaily
Descriptions are quoted as below:
"A TRAIN came off the rails during a test on the Longhua section of Metro Line 4 last month, according to a document that began circulating on the Internet on Monday.

In the document, the city’s Metro construction management office criticized the operator of Metro Line 4, Hong Kong MTR Corp., for lack of strict safety management, which led to the derailment at 7:30 p.m. on March 30, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported yesterday.
The derailed train was damaged and had been sent for repairs, the document said.
The office required the Metro operator to improve safety management and punish the people responsible for the accident.
The Hong Kong MTR confirmed the accident in the wake of media reports, saying the accident was caused by “nonstandard operation” by contractors and had nothing to do with the train and the signal system, the paper said.
The operator said it had no impact on the construction of rest of the line."

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