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Fight against Copyright Infringement Needs More Support

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Information Source: CRI
Descriptions are quoted as below:

"It comes as no surprise that many internet users download e-books free of charge from websites such as, the leading domestic search engine. Its convenience and efficiency have blinded users to the fact that their arbitrary downloading not only infringes upon the copyright of the original writers, but also stokes these websites' wrongdoing of providing the information freely without getting permission from the authors.

An editorial from South China Metropolitan Daily notes such blatant copyright infringement is so ubiquitous today that few people take this issue seriously. Copyright owners are not able to protect their legitimate rights and can not even get their voices heard on the issue. Copyright infringers are not brought into justice. The lack of support of legal and moral standards is the reason behind this bizarre phenomenon.

The article points out people accept such free downloading since they argue that many actually benefit from this kind of information sharing. And thus they turn their back on the compromised copyrights of the original owners. However, it is a violation of the essence of the Internet. The precondition of information sharing must be the respect of others' legitimate rights."

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