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Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Shows Care To Autistic Youngman, Beibei

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Took a towel wiped his hands first, gently press with your fingers, the piano notes as flowing out to fill the gap. Per month, you can in the Crowne Plaza Cafe to see a particular pianist, sat at the piano, revealing a one comfortable smile.
The pianist is a 27-year-old guy in Shenzhen, he’s name is Beibei. Life for him is unfortunate as he suffered of autism from a very young age. But although God closed the door, he will open another window to you. This sentence applied to the Beibei appropriately. 20 years old, my parents took him to go shopping, at a piano, my father readily press a few notes on the keyboard, only to have readily babe out by the parents pleasantly surprised. This is 7 years, Babe the most of the music talent show, but now over 10 and consider award-winning.
In this year’s Charity Concert sponsoring by Crowne plaza Shenzhen, our management found this talented boy played piano very well, and his mother is also looking for some place for him to show himself. Thus hotel management and his mother made a decision together to provide him a platform for social interaction which is playing piano in hotel Café Zentro once every month.
Crowne Plaza Shenzhen has made great efforts to help autistic children through donations and charity events from the very first day the Shenzhen Autism Society was established in 2001. In the past years, Crowne plaza Shenzhen has invited autistic children to hotel make cookies and rice dumplings with the hotel staff, and brought laughter and gifts to the children by organizing Santa visit to the Autism Society
Now, Beibei played piano in Crowne Plaza Shenzhen for several times, he wins a lot of praise by our guests. General Manager Mr. Christian Buggelsheim said, “It is truly an honor to through this way to help the Autism Chilrdren communicate with the society better. Our contributions to help the autistic children are minor, but together, we can make a differenc for these children because they deser to live in joy and hope.”

The photo--The little cabin draw by Beibei

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