A Heat Discussion On Bank Card Issue

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Nowadays, a heat discussion on Bank Card issue are carrying on one social networking website “Linkedin”.  

Dirk post his question as “I am dissatisfied about my company bank account at CCB and I want to change the bank. Does anybody has experience with internet banking (English) at other banks in Shenzhen?

The internet banking of CCB is not reliable and there is poor support. I have heard that China Merchant Bank shall be more convenient. Can anybody comment? ”

Solutions were soon come up from net pals:

1.    I've been using China Merchant's Bank online banking for 3 years, and find it very reliable. --- From Thomas
2.    Bank of China also is good as well. ---From Nicole
3.     I use Bank of China, in Zhangmutou, where they don't speak English. Service excellent, you get a wireless key to control your internet banking, have got a BoC Visa card - International - which is a little bit time consuming to refill, but does work perfectly overseas. China banking laws don't allow overseas withdrawal of cash from the card. Can thoroughly recommend BoC.---From Chris
4.     Hi Dirk, I use HSBC in both HongKong and ShenZhen. Both are pleasure to do business with, they seem to have already thought of my needs. I highly recommend HSBC to you. ---From Symon
5.    HSBC in Hong Kong was the choice for me many years ago. My personal accounts, VISA card etc. are there and the Internet banking works flawlessly. If I need cash, just use one of the many HSBC ATMs in Shenzhen or, if none is close, China Merchants ATMs. Local banks I only use for utilities, phonebill etc., I fill them up 2 - 3 times/ year and then they take care of themselves. If there are special reasons and you have to use local banks I suggest you look at China Merchants Banks. Customer Service quality varies from branch to branch, by far the best I found so far is the branch in Times Plaza, Shekou. What I hear from friends, the Internet banking also seems to be ok. ABC, CCB, even BoC are not up to scratch, it's a hassle dealing with them. --- Cornelius
6.    China Merchant's bank is pretty good. Lines are short and they even have an iPhone app to do your personal banking on though it is all in Chinese. Their Internet banking apps also work ok but are only for windows. ----Brent
7.    China Merchants Bank and Standard Chartered both have good English online banking systems. And use the following link in IE for China Merchants Bank

             All is in English after this and no need for the dongle. Note that your password is         not your pin code - if you can't remember your online password click "forgot password" and then you can use your ATM PIN code to reset your log in password. --- Darragh
8.    I use China Merchants; their English service is a reasonable attempt. However, their online banking software/system is only in Chinese. What I mean is they issue you with a memory stick (e-key) that you need to use, to access your account online and the system itself always comes up Chinese when I use it. It may well be that because my account is in Shenzhen so it only allows me to access the Chinese. If someone has more information about how I can use an English version I would be most appreciative. ---- Michael
9.    Hi I have an ICBC bank account shenzhen. I think is correct bank, and HSBC Hong Kong. --- Abdelghani
10.    For more information: “Opening Bank Accounts in China”--Kelley
11.    Thanks for your valuable inputs. In HK I have both my company and private account at HSBC and I'm also completely satisfied. In China I have a private account at Hang Seng Bank but I do not use it much (only to pay my tax). I have asked HSBC, Hang Seng and ICBC and I have visited BoC and China Merchants yesterday. HSBC in SZ and HS have both high minimum business requirements for the company account. It turned out that only BoC has a USB independent security device (Merchant has USB). So although I also heard that BoC is slow and inflexible I will try because I do not trust USB devices any more - CCB has USB and I spend days to get the signature installed and still it does not work reliably. ---Dirk

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