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Wall Street Journal: Hong Kong, Shenzhen See Drop in Entrepreneurialism

Wall Street Journal has an article Jonathan Cheng

China’s broader economy seems to have bounced back just fine from the great recession of 2008 and 2009. But in its two most vibrant southern cities, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, one casualty is still struggling to recover: entrepreneurialism.

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You will certainly lead to

You will certainly lead to debt when you did not handle your finances properly. Since the recession began, a lot of economists and business analysts have been tracking consumer habits to gauge what the effect has been, especially on spending habits.  Overall, fewer people are using credit like credit cards for unnecessary purchases, using more payday loans overall, and also committing to spending practices geared for saving money.  Fewer people are eating out, and a lot more consumers switch to generic rather than name brands in the grocery store.  Perhaps these are habits they should keep up.

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