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Shenzhen Party: City OKs new rules on traffic fines

Shenzhen Daily has an article by Li Hao

RED light runners will have their fines doubled to 1,000 yuan (US$147) if they commit a third offense in a year, according to a new traffic regulation approved by the city legislature yesterday.

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It is good to see that

It is good to see that someone has taken notice, however the penalties are not sufficient IMHO for the offense. And it takes 3 convictions before ANY penalties kick in?

In my location in Bao'an, I am next to 3 schools. The problem of cars and busses routinely running red lights makes this a very dangerous place to try to walk. It is only a matter of time before some of these kids end up being killed.

The other thing that has to be done is to make sure the Shenzhen Police actually start enforcing the laws - most of the time I just see them watching the offenses and turning a blind eye. This behavour combined with needing 3 convictions before any fines are imposed makes the new regulations next to worthless.

i still think that the

i still think that the traffic law is too loose in sz or china. overspeeding, beating the redlight is just quite minor compared to the proper driving manners and common sense that drivers should have. driving while cellphone in one hand, not yielding when entering a main road, lane hugging, improper lane that will result into swerving, underspeeding on the fast lane, etc.... i would be happier to see traffic police, impose laws on the road and give tickets to violators.  

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