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Shenzhen Daily: Bigger prizes for scratch receipts

Shenzhen Daily has an article by  Guinness Yue

SHENZHEN shoppers and diners will start using new scratch-and-win receipts for the service industry from tomorrow. The biggest prize, 10,000 yuan (US$1,465) in cash, triples that of existing receipts, local taxation authorities said yesterday.

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This sounds great for all the

This sounds great for all the shopper lovers because there is a greater possibility to win atleast small amount of cash. I guess this will be a good start of the year for many people. Economists, analysts, and everyone in general, is awaiting signs of real economic recovery.  As we're all aware, it's the unemployment rate that it hinges on.  The jobless rate, and also the rate of underemployment – or people working part time instead of full time – are the key targets to reduce in order to have real recovery.  Both went down in October 2009, and have stayed down from earlier in 2009.  It doesn't mean people still don't need payday loans, but if these signs keep up, recovery may be not as far off as anticipated.

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