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First Hong Kong clinic opens in Shenzhen

Shenzhen Daily has an article named "First Hong Kong clinic opens in Shenzhen" by Wang Yuanyuan.
Descriptions are quoted as below:

"THE first clinic to be run by a Hong Kong doctor in Shenzhen opened in Luohu District on Thursday.

The clinic on Renmin Road South has 15 doctors and 15 nurses. Three were Hong Kong doctors, the owner, Ng Wai said.

The number of Hong Kong doctors was expected to increase to eight next year.

The clinic was qualified for treatment ranging from traditional Chinese medicine to cosmetic surgery, dentistry to gynecology and medical and surgical procedures.

“The service will be the same as at a Hong Kong private clinic,” Ng said.

“Cost of treatment would be about one-third of the cost in Hong Kong. For example, it costs about 250 yuan (US$37) to 300 yuan for acupuncture in Hong Kong, but the price here is only about 80 to 100 yuan,” he said.

The clinic started trial operations one month ago, treating more than 50 Hong Kong residents. “I think the clinic is quite accessible for Hong Kong residents. For residents living in the New Territories, it is even closer than clinics in Causeway Bay,” Ng said.

Ng, who practices traditional Chinese medicine, was the first Hong Kong doctor to obtain a license to open a clinic in Guangdong Province."

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