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New Dentist

I have a new dentist in Shenzhen called U-Dental. Service is very good. The staff is making an excellent effort and they are well prepared when you walk in. English level is also very high.

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As at October 2011, U dental

As at October 2011, U dental was quoting:

  • 50 yuan to register and have an examination
  • 200 yuan for a full mouth X-ray
  • 480 for a filling
  • 1500 for a crown
  • 1800-2400 for root canal therapy for a molar

Very fast attention at U-dental (less than 5 minutes), but these prices are rather high in China/Asia.  

Have you considered Nanshan Hospital?  About 10-15 minutes walk away at Taoyuan metro station.  At Nanshan hospital they have specialists for each of the above (suggesting a higher proficiency for each procedure).  Nanshan hospital is a much larger outfit - you might have to wait slightly longer than U-dental (at Nanshan hospital I had to wait 10 minutes for the first consulation, but I had no problem with that).  Very clean and efficient - but lacking Udental's soothing background music.  Prices at Nanshan hospital. 4 yuan to register/get a number (on each visit), 50 yuan X-ray, 1000 yuan crown, 1000 yuan root canal therapy (these last two are estimates).

Although I suspect you would get marginally better/more reliable treatment at Nanshan hospital than at U Dental, there probably wouldn't be much difference between the two in practice - they both seem pretty professional.  At both places they are some people with competence in English, ('rinse now', 'do you know what root canal therapy is?'), but you might feel more comfortable with someone who can translate for you and reading up for yourself on the internet.


It's good to hear that

It's good to hear that you've found a very good dentist and dental place. Does this dental place charge that much or just fair enough?

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