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Free Wireless Hotspots in Shenzhen

Here is a list of places we have found with free wireless access (wifi) in Shenzhen. For addresses to these places please look at the sections of the web site or click on the name.

Mama Gelato Read more »

Movie Theaters & Movie Schedules in Shenzhen

Check out the movie schedules for theaters in Futian and Luohu:

New South Movie City:
Tel:25944588 25945588 (Citic)
82611138 82611198 (King Glory Plaza)
View Schedule
You can find in the Column "language", if it is "英语", means it's the English version.

Golden Harvest Movie Theatre:
View Schedule
When you find "影片语言", if it is "英文", means it's the English version.


Here is the form you need to apply for a visa in Shenzhen.

Helicopter Service Among Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao

Besides train and ferry, helicopter is also another choice of transportation to travel among Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau. Being the largest commercial transport helicopter operator in the Pearl River Delta region, Sky Shuttle offers speedy and comfortable daily cross-boundary shuttle services with our fleet of AgustaWestland AW139 helicopters.

Sky Shuttle currently operates 54 flights a day, with flights departing every 30 minutes between Macau and Hong Kong, and 12 flights a day between Macau and Shenzhen. Read more »

The Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon boat festival is just around the corner!

It's one of the important traditional Chinese festivals which occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month in lunar Chinese calendar. This year it will fall on June 2nd in solar calendar. This is a great festival that Chinese people around the world celebrate to commemorate a great ancient patriot poet named Quyuan who lived 2300 years ago. 

A good way to celebrate the Dragon boat festival is to eat some delicious home made Zongzi made of rice and with bean,pork, egg yolk stuffing. And a dragon boat race will surely add some excitement to the festive atmosphere,which makes the festival even more memorable!  Read more »

places to go round Nanshan Hospital (center of Nanshan District)
resort nanshan




1. Da Nanshan (Big South Mountain), it is in Shekou, by bus 113, stop at the MingHua Hotel(a 4-star hotel for marines, one stop before Shekou SCT Ferry Terminal), or Gongye(Industry) 7 lu (Road), you can climb up. Free!

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Shenzhen Writer Fully Funds Book On Kickstarter

Do you love delicious, homemade dumplings? China’s favored dish, the dumpling (or jiaozi in Chinese), can be found on every street corner, in every restaurant, and in every kitchen in China, but they are all pretty much prepared the same way: a bit of meat, some garlic and ginger, and a bit of vegetables if you’re lucky. Even a visit to the freezer section at any grocery store displays hundreds of packages of dumplings that all look and taste the same. But the dumpling is so versatile! Have you ever tried stuffing a dumpling with chicken? Refried beans? Cheesecake filling? No? Hardly anyone has! Crazy Dumplings takes this simple staple food and prepares it in ways you never thought possible! Read more »

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