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Your new favorite Mexican in the heart of bustling Shuiwei 藏在水围巷子里你最爱的墨西哥餐吧

I have to admit, Mexican restaurants are my favorite kind of restaurants. So you can imagine my excitement when one lazy afternoon, while walking down the bustling streets of Shuiwei, I came across Mambo. I had high hopes for this Mexican restaurant and cocktail bar. I was not to be disappointed.


Mambo invites you in with its open doors and outside seating. When you see the blue and white walls match the Vespa scooter parked out front, you know this is a place that pays attention to detail.

敞开的门窗,开放的用餐环境,蓝白色的墙面与门外停放着的韦士柏踏板车相映,可见Mambo 精细入微的特征。 Read more »

[Ticket Giveaway] JESSIE J & FLO RIDA 2017 Shenzhen Concert

For more event info please go to JESSIE J & FLO RIDA 2017 Shenzhen Concert will hold JESSIE J & FLO RIDA 2017 Shenzhen Concert Tickets Giveaway for our dear users. We will pick up 1 winner, each winner will get two tickets !!

福利大放送!!这次非常荣幸能和Red Dragon合作,我们将选出1名幸运儿,每位送出2张门票!

How to win?

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How To Get Your APEC Business Travel Card (i.e. Asia VIP Card!)

T'his article is originally found here:


Tired of waiting in the long customs lines with all the other suckers?

Ya, thought so!

If you’re a regular business person in Asia, this article will take a bit to read through but will save you hours and hours of time in border lines all across Asia – so pay attention!

For frequent travelers in Asia, we are now from the gods with a new card for VIP treatment at customs security. I thought it was APAC card (my logic was it is Asia Pacific – APAC) – but it is an APEC card which stands for Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation. Read more »

Hospital or Hotel?
A suite at Shenzhen Far East Women & Children's Hospital

Visiting Shenzhen Far East Women and Children’s Hospital is a pleasant surprise. It is probably the most un-hospital-like hospital in Shenzhen, with rooms – and service – more like that of a hotel. No more long queues or needing to wait hours to see the doctor. Here you will be treated efficiently and with respect, whether Chinese or foreign. Read more »

Shekou Service Center: Where YOU Can Get Any Help As a Foreigner!

Whether you’ve just recently moved to Shekou or have been here for a while, there are definitely some rules that as a foreigner you’re simply unaware of. Living in China without speaking the language or understanding the culture can make your life very complicated, but what if I told you there is a support center for foreigners located right here in Shekou that can help you with all your questions and needs about living in China? Well, there is and it is closer to you than you can imagine.

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[Shenzhen, China – 8 November 2017] Mission Hills Resort in southern China is celebrating all things Kiwi when New Zealand Week comes to Shenzhen from 8-18 November.  Read more »


[Shenzhen, China – 6 November 2017] The next generation of international tennis stars are in action at the Mission Hills Resort in southern China this month with the return of the ATP and ITF Shenzhen Longhua Open. 

Mission Hills Group vice-chairman Tenniel Chu with Hong Kong Tennis Association president Philip Mok at the ITF Pro Circuit opening ceremony  Read more »

Marco Polo Shenzhen Unveils its Annual Dinner Offer
Marco Polo Shenzhen

Nov 2nd, 2017 (Shenzhen) —As New Year approaches, it is best moment for large enterprises and companies to gather around to celebrate their achievement for the past year. At this moment, Marco Polo Shenzhen has been well prepared for customers with many kinds of discounts on annual dinner. Let this luxury annual dinner becomes the best reward of the year for you.  Read more »

Marco Polo Shenzhen Won The “2017 The Best Business Marketing Pioneer Brand” Award
 Marco Polo Shenzhen

Nov 6th, 2017 (Shenzhen) – Marco Polo Shenzhen has been rewarded the “ 2017 The Best Business Marketing Pioneer Brand” award at the 2017 annual "China Hotel Investment & Marketing Summit" award ceremony,  which hold by Jingjian Conference and Exhibition Shanghai, China Hotel New Media Alliance & Read more »

【BOCA Blue Course】The course of marine environmental protection comes into the international school
BOCA Blue Course comes into the international school

BOCA Blue CourseThe course of marine environmental protection comes into the international school


    On October 27, 2017, a day with an invigorating autumn climate, Andy, who was the blue lecturer from Blue Ocean Conservation Association came to Basis International School Shenzhen, brought a vivid marine environmental education "Fighting for Clean Seas" to Ms. Reynolds’ grade eight students.

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