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myshufu's blog

The 2nd Shenzhen Ultimate Frisbee Hat Tournament

         On March 27th and 28th, the Shenzhen Ultimate Club held it’s 2nd Hat Tournament. A Hat Tournament is a tournament where the teams are chosen from a hat at random but to make things fair, the better players are split up as well as the mid level and new comers to the game. Ultimate Frisbee is a fun sport fast paced sport involving two teams of 7 players working as a team to pass the Frisbee up the field with the goal of catching the disc in their Endzone. This non-contact team sport combines many elements from a plethora of sports including American Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Netball. Read more »

Foggy days

Foggy days are back, I think I am going to miss summer soooo much. Read more »

How to get things done?

Here in Shenzhen it’s very easy to get things done, we have everything! Read more »

Puppy looking for a Home!
Da Jia Island
Nice Holidays!

It’s been good to relax for a few days. Holidays are really necessary for everyone, they are a way to procure a fresh start for your daily routines. Read more »

The Subway Effect
Crowded Metro as the Holiday Approaches
This Weeks Activities…and Things to Come!

Basketball 9/26/09 4:30-6:30PM @ Xi Yuan, FuTian Read more »

It Used to be Cheap!

Just came back from our regular weekly grocery shopping and to my surprise we have spent more than 1.200RMB. Read more »

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