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Artisans Pizza Creations

I have always thought of an artisan as a skilled person, meticulously creating something by hand. With painstaking attention to detail, lacking in mass produced products. The aptly named Artisans restaurant in Nanshan, lives up to that definition. Passionate and meticulous about giving you the best.

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The Brew is Hopping!
The Brew Bar and Bistro Shenzhen

Overcapacity – a situation in which an industry, company, etc., has or produces more of something than it is able to sell or use – from Merriam Webster.

The Brew Bar and Bistro, near the south entrance to the New Yijing Central Walk Mall (subway station – Convention and Exhibition Center Exit B), has an overcapacity of social magnetism. 

“What does that mean?”, you might ask. Read more »

Best Local CNY Travel Destination!!!
Le Meridien Huizhou, adventure, romance, sophistication

Look no further for your Chinese New Year get-away.  It's all here for you in one place, a short drive away from downtown Shenzhen.

Shenzhen can be a lonely place during the Chinese New Year holiday.  Traveling anywhere can be a nightmare as 1.4 billion people all go to their hometown at the same time.  A short drive away will get you to a hotel resort boasting all the trappings of an exotic destination.  Literally within 90 minutes of downtown or 40 minutes from Longgang, you can bask in a fascinating holiday of elegance and adventure.

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[Review] Pancho's Mexican Restaurant and Bar

As a Canadian, I don’t remember being taught the story of Pancho Villa, a truly great person and Mexican. Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant and Bar takes its name from this revolutionary character, whose picture is proudly displayed right about in the middle of the restaurant.

Pancho Villa continuously met tremendous challenges. His achievements were grand, including printing his own money, which was recognized in the U.S. He was best known for stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor. Throughout his life (5 June 1878 – 20 July 1923), there was no obstacle he couldn’t face.

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Cottage Cuisine - Indian Cottage Bar and Restaurant
Indian Cottage Bar and Restaurant

Cottage Cuisine

What is the image that comes to mind if you remember a trip to the cottage.  For me, the image is a relaxed environment, in the company of friends, with the smell of the freshest food cooking away in the kitchen.  Now imagine that your cottage is in southwest India, along the Arabian Sea.  The exotic aroma of the local cuisine would fill the open space, but the relaxed, friendly environment of the cottage would be the same.

Take a seat in Indian Cottage Bar and Restaurant, sit back, close your eyes for a moment and you will be taken to the cottage, in Goa, India.  Just like the beautiful Goa cottage pictured in the menu. Read more »

Review: Providence Cocktail Bar
Providence in lights.

A Hidden Gem

A gem is defined as something to be admired for its beauty or excellence. Gems that are rare or difficult to find are called precious gems. Providence Cocktail Bar is like a precious gem of the "Food and Beverage" world and is located right here in Shenzhen, in the Futian district.

Just like a precious gem, you won’t likely find Providence Cocktail Bar unless you are actually looking for it. Lucky for you, your smartphone can lead you directly to it. The obscurity of Providence Cocktail Bar is intentional, in order to preserve the ambience and character. It is somewhat reminiscent of a speakeasy from 1920 USA, in its hidden nature. Read more »

Epic Burgers at Mash Gastropub

Beer has been around forever.  Since like the Neolithic period.  Really!  Hamburgers have been around since at least 1896, but it wasn’t until 1991 that there grew a distinction between a pub and a gastropub.  The idea of fine dining within a pub was born, or at least became popular enough that it got its own name.  From all that, In 2015, Chef Denis Salmon and Hana Jin, give life to Mash Gastropub in Futian, Shenzhen.  Chef Denis, being trained by Brazilian Chef Alex Atala, (who works for one of the top ten restaurants in the world) is very familiar with all the finest details of gastronomy and customer experience.

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What if there were a restaurant that delivered a balanced and generous lunch, made from authentic homemade recipes, prepared by a French Chef with a diverse background in international cuisine?  It sounds like something you might think of while daydreaming in your cubicle at work, considering what to eat from the same list of boring options you always have.

Your lunch no longer needs to be boring!  Thanks to French Chef Thomas Ligout, you can enjoy a generous and authentic gourmet “cube” lunch, made with fresh and seasonal ingredients.  Don’t be bored with all the same choices every day, you really need to try a cube lunch from French Touch Kitchen.

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An Afternoon Escape
Sheraton Dameisha Resort

I live in an industrial section of Shenzhen.  Every once in a while, it is nice to escape the pollution, traffic and noise.  Although perhaps for different reasons, I’m sure that some people downtown would also like to escape their surroundings.  I found the perfect place to just relax and find yourself again, even if it is just for an afternoon.  It is called Sheraton Dameisha, Capri Italian Restaurant.

At first, it might not seem authentic that I would recommend a restaurant for an afternoon getaway, but if you go for Sunday afternoon brunch at the Capri, you can also enjoy the 40 meter long indoor swimming pool, the modern workout facilities and the beach. Read more »

An Easy, Inexpensive, Local Hotel Experience!
Aloft Dongguan Dynamic Town

As a Canadian, living in a remote area of Shenzhen, I need to travel to more progressive areas from time to time to enjoy a few western treats.  Today I decided to take a trip to the Longgang area, where it meets the border of Dongguan.  I heard there is a new hotel in that area that offers excellent access to a new shopping mall.  The hotel is called Aloft Dongguan Dynamic Town and is a member of Starwood Hotels, so you just know they will treat you right. Read more »

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