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The Best Spa in Town is also the Most Expensive

I have recently visited the new Spa at the Intercontinental Hotel and found it to be one of the best spas in Southeast Asia. My Vietnamese girlfriend and I spent about 2 hours there last night. We went for the 90 minute Aromotherapy session and then spent about 30 minutes going from the private outdoor Jacuzzi to the Sauna, to the Dry the bed. But along with the fantastic room....came a fantastic bill. For the two of us, it cost us a whopping 3395 RMB (about $465 US!). I have stayed at the hotel a few nights "just for fun" because the rooms are so nice and I wanted to get the hell out of Shekou (yes, pathetic...i know). But I found the Suites in the hotel to be CHEAPER than the 90 minute massages. Its really too bad that the prices are so high because this fantastic spa is also a completely EMPTY spa. Nobody is there! If the hotel would lower their rates for this place and come up with some package deals for couples then they would fill it up. But until then, i'll be looking for some other places closer to home.

By the way....after the massage we ate at the Brazilian restraunt in the same hotel. Super nice. Great food and service. Best Brazilian restraunt in town. Guaranteed.

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