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Why is the quality of Dreyer's ice cream so bad in Shenzhen?

I find it very hard to find a tub of Dreyer's ice cream that is not freezer burned or where the packaging is not damaged or worn. I'm a big Ice Cream fan but they don't even offer a plain chocolate or mint chocolate chip. Is there any place that takes care of it? I have seen it in bad shape in Jusco and 7-11. I think I'll refrain from shelling out over 60RMB for this quality.

If you want to complain about it I found the Dreyer's Ice Cream Contact form. Didn't realize that Dreyer's seems to be part of the Nestle corporation. I guess China is too small a market for them to bother with a Chinese version of their web site.

I take that back I just filled out their contact form and got an access denied error!

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