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The whole works of getting(conversion) a driver's license in shenzhen

Hi Guys,

What is the real deal of getting a driving license in shenzhen. I do have a valid driving license back home and was wondering, what are the procedures needed?i.e costs, valid documentations, where to do it, etc.....
btw i do not have an international driver's license.


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The driver’s license exam is

The driver’s license exam is new as of January 2013 and a bunch of people have been failing by studying the old question translations.  I translated the new questions and wrote up a step-by-step of the whole process.  Here it is.  See ya on the road!!115

It's not much use to anyone

It's not much use to anyone when people make up statistics just because they think its that way... Don't listen to Old driver.. China is #90 on the list for highest traffic fatalities and is well below the global average.

Thanks to Steve Culpan, I

Thanks to Steve Culpan,
I passed the test. I got 90 points, lucky, if you study 1000 question I think no risk.

Amazing how many people don't

Amazing how many people don't even search the site they are posting on!


Answers a lot of the questions posted already!

Also some useful links on

For links to download the questions in English, either as an Excel test sheet or a MS Word document, email me (no cost!) [email protected]

Cheers to all


hi all, I posted detailed

hi all,

I posted detailed directions for SZ procedure and have the test paper link for your reference as well. check it out.


Many people advised against

Many people advised against taking the English test because it will confuse you more than anything becausedue to the poor translation from Chinese to English. If you MUST get a Chinese Driver's License, the easiest way is to engage the services of a translator. Yes, he/she sits in with you. All these can be done in Shenzhen.

Has anyone used the services

Has anyone used the services of the Guangdong expat people to get a drivers licence?

The Admin official of

The Admin official of transportation ,Nanshan , is locating at Long zhu si lu Road , Xili . ( 车辆管理所, 龙珠4路)

I had my test last November there .
this is the official web for driving license applicants :
this is the paper test practice :

there is a No. for inquiry call center : 26795666

I guess it is better for you to have some chinese friends for help .
gd luck

Does anyone know the street

Does anyone know the street address in Shenzhen for driving licence exams?

Does anyone know where to

Does anyone know where to actually sit the test in Shenzhen? Or a web page with the list of addresses?

Also, has anyone tried 'converting' a Hong Kong licence?

The English language test questions are at (for cars not motorbikes).

How to get a China driver's

How to get a China driver's license ?

Guangdong Expat Service Center helps foreigners, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan
Citizens as well to obtain a official driver license.You can use to drive in any city around China.
We can apply for an official driver license on your behalf here in China, between 10-20 working days, even if you don’t have Chinese resident or a working visa. All you need is a valid visa and a valid driver license from your country.

Foreigners and overseas Chinese Requirements:

1. Copy of your visa page. (Any visa type is ok)
2. Copy of your passport .
3. Copy of the latest entry stamp in your passport.
4. Copy of oversea driving license (both sides).
5. (8) recent document color pictures. note: picture’s size must be 3 cm (H) x 2 cm (W) and must have white background
6. Chinese name and your height
7. RMB2000 deposit

Special assistance:
Do not have Chinese residence, working visa and valid driver license?
No problem!
We can still help to apply for a Chinese driver license even if you do not have a Valid Driver License from your country, Chinese Resident or Working Visa.
Please contact us for further detail and information!!

Please contact us for details through the following ways, or check out our website.

Contact Details:

Wendy Cheng
Mobile phone:(0086)13560314810
E-mail:[email protected]
MSN:[email protected]

China address:
889 Bin Jiang Dong Lu,Li Jing Wan
west Building #3C
CN-Guangzhou,Guangdong 510300

The driving center is in

The driving center is in Xili, im not sure exactly where.

Does anyone please have the

Does anyone please have the addresses of locations to apply, and take the written test, for a driving license in Shenzhen?

Experience is the key to

Experience is the key to driving whether it is in China or anywhere else. If you have relevant experience you should be able to drive irrespective of left or right side. Driving in China is challenging but not impossible if you got your head on properly. There are bad and good drivers everywhere in the world and 'Buying licences' so to speak is not unique just to China. It happens everywhere.
I've been driving in China for 4 years in many places all over China and for me, a car is a car and a road is a road. Ability, skill, road sense, observation and awareness are required skills that if possessed enable a safe and trouble free driving experience.
Some Chinese drivers are not so good but some are and it should not reflect upon a persons own ability to drive safely. Other major cities such as NY, L.A, London, Rome and Sydney all have chaotic traffic, irrate and impatient and even violent and agressive drivers (road rage). I have yet to see this violent action as frequently as I have in other major western cities. So I say if you want to drive in China it won't be as bad as people think.
In my driving experience in China I have never had or been involved in even a minor accident and I drive an SUV. (touch wood)
So for those wishing to drive here don't be too put off and you'll find you will enjoy the freedom of going around the city a lot more.

You are looking for trouble

You are looking for trouble if you drive in China. Many local drivers do not take the proper exam, they just bought it at home town transport dept. It explains the behaviors of the drivers and why China has the highest traffic accident/fatality rate in the world.

I have been driving for 30 years in many parts of the world including two years in China and I can speak, read and write Chinese. Now I give up simply it is too dangerous.

If you still want to get a license, think twice.

Hi, What is the cost of


What is the cost of getting the license in Shenzhen and how long does it take?

Like the previous poster I

Like the previous poster I did my drivers licence in Chengdu in 2004. Ive been driving in China since that time and now have my own SUV. Cars a cheap (kind of ) if you know where to go. Chinese licences are national and you can legally drive anywhere in china.
There are some peeople who can get your SZ licence for around 1000RMB.
Fakes are not so good because if you have an accident or are even involved in one (not your fault) you are up the creek. The Licencing station I know in SZ is at Xili where you also register your vehicle.
If anyone needs further intel you can email me or call me on my cell 13692282119

Hi there, I just cam across

Hi there,

I just cam across your post about Shenzhen driving licenses.

I have a couple of questions and would appreciate it if you could help me out.

I have a Shenzhen residence permit; does this mean I don't have to do any tests for my Shenzhen driving license? How do I go about applying?

Where did you buy the fake license and how much was it?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Try contacting the

Try contacting the "informative" source referred to in this thread,and you may be able to obtain the English version.

hi folks, does someone knows

hi folks,

does someone knows where i can find this "someone" ?
i have a resident permit, but don't know "someone",.....


well, i have a residence

well, i have a residence permit. maybe u could provide a little more information Jay86? I'd like a legit license, not some good fake.

hey everyone the best choice

hey everyone
the best choice for you is to get residence permit and then it's very easy to apply for a driving dont need tests or any driving manuals! just give to ''someone'' who can get it for you
before i had my residence permit i was driving with the licnese that i bought;)

Yes, very informative. If

Yes, very informative. If any one knows where to get the training book in english please let me know. I tried the test today and along with about 40 other foreigners we all failed except one. It was his 3rd time (2 tests each time means he actually did it 5 times) and he did have a book in english. The questions are mostly a very bad translation and unclear in thier meaning. Also you are expected to know how to treat broken bones, burn victims and back injuries as well as insurance procedures and penalties for traffic violations. Common sense doesn't answer a lot of that. The book and studying is necessary, but where do you get it?

Very informative. Where can

Very informative. Where can this driving handbook be found in english? :) Not that I'd ever do this but I've heard of people having their "translator" basically just being a person that someone pays that tells them all the answers. Some shady business going on in the shenzhen motor vehicles department:p

Hi.... Found this on another

Hi.... Found this on another site, very informative _________ The International Convention on Driving Licences was signed in September 1949. China did not become a republic until 1st October 1949. This is the main reason why an international driving licence cannot be used in China. However, if you are over 18 and have a valid driving licence from another country then it is quite likely you will only basically need to do a written (computerized) test to obtain a 6 year China driving licence for a fairly minimal fee. How To Apply For A China Driver's Licence I'll outline what I did in Chengdu - January 2007. Of course, you should go to the driver licensing centre in the city which you are in. No practical driving test is required if you are over 18 and have a valid foreign driver's license. Don't know if an International License would count though. * Take someone with you that can write Chinese * Chengdu licensing centre opens around 8.30am * Take plenty of passport pix (8 is a safe number) * Take your foreign driving licence & passport * Go to one of the reception counters * Collect a standard application form * Complete the form in Chinese script * Have medical examination which consists of reading one or two lines on an eye-chart with either eye covered alternately. * Take the papers back to a reception counter * Submit form with payment over counter * Pay the prescribed fee FEE: Y10 + Y280 = Y290 TOTAL Y10 is for the actual 6 year China licence. The other Y280 is to sit the written test TWICE in case you don't score 90% or greater the first time. No partial refund if you pass first time. * Wait in queue (seats provided) to enter exam room * Show ticket / receipt etc & be shown to a computer * Select which language you want to do the test in * There are nine languages to choose from (including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese) The test consists of 100 randomly selected questions from the driving handbook which has about 700 questions in total. They are mostly multiple choice or TRUE / FALSE. Computerized test time limit: 45 minutes * Hit the "check score" icon on computer * 90% or over ( Hao! Hao!) * Less than 90% : Get a new number & do again within the next ten days. * Once you pass, take your papers back to a counter for processing. The license can be issued within ten minutes or so, depending on their workload. NOTES: * Licenses are written & issued in Chinese script * You can only apply for one class of license at any one time. That is, if you also have a valid foreign motorcycle license (costs Y190 ? in total) you have to do another computerized test, which appears to be the same as the car test anyway. I've never got around to getting back so far this year for my own bike license. * Most of the questions are common sense. * BUT it is advisable to bone up on them first * All going well, you'll be finished before noon. GOOD LUCK !!! Warren Rodwell Chengdu China 

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