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Who went to Punchline Last night?

Who went to Punchline last night at the Sheraton??

I thought it was great, all the comedians were hilarious and "Tracy" was a good sport through all the abuse. Although you should be prepared to be abused at a standup show if you sit right in front of the stage!

I will definatly go again and the ticket price was certainly worth it.

I do have a few quibbles about the Sheraton abd the show though.

1) The tickets and all the ads clearly said the show was in El Divino, it obviously wasn't; false advertising if ever there was any!

2) The hotel staff were pretty clueless about everything. We first went to El Divino for our free drinks (as per the tickets) only to find that the drinks were not available in the bar but in the show venue.

3) We decided to get something to eat before the show yet none of the bar staff (including the ones on the 4th floor) knew what restaurant had what food. The standard response was, "I don't know I work in the bar". I thought the Sheraton was a starred hotel?? Staff should know everything about these types of questions.

4) We ate in Panache, well there was at least 2 people out of our group of 4 eating at one time as the food was brought to the table at irregular intervals. After and hour of waiting we actually sent 3 dishes back because we wanted to get to the show.

5) What was all the queuing about to get into the venue? We bought tickets before hand for a reason, asking for people's signature was also pointless. What possible use is a person's probably illegible signature?

6) The show started 35 minutes late, there is no excuse for this.

7) the seating was weird, I am used to going to comedy clubs in the UK where you sit around a table and can order food and drinks during the show. I know this was the first time for them in Shenzhen, so room for improvement perhaps?

8) The choice of free drinks was very limited. There should have been fruit juice for those that wanted it.

9) I felt that there was a little bit of a hard sell to get people into the bar after the show (and I also felt a little conned by the fact that the ticket said the show was in the bar, was this a way to get people in there to spend more money before the show?)

10)Can the show be on a weekend next time???

All in all apart from these few quibbles, regualr events like these would be fantastic.

Well done to all the organisers!

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Well, I agree with some of

Well, I agree with some of your points thc. I've been to comedy clubs as well and in a club seating is usually around a table with waiters running around taking drink and snack orders, but I looked at this more as a show in a concert hall minus the regular stage with a curtain. If imitating that kind of event it was fine for a first try at a comedy show in Shenzhen, though I think a more appropriate venue would be something along the lines of the theater at Hua Qiao Cheng that was showing the Elements show. For a bar that fits the usual look of a comedy club I recommend Musibase. The one on the main road to Shekou near walmart, not the one closer to Kempinski. Great night Brent, thanks for the invite;)

Dear thc23 we really

Dear thc23 we really appreciate your detailed feedback on the show and we will route it to the appropriate parties in El Divino and the Fourpoints Hotel. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we could not hold the event in the actual bar. El Divino is not officially open yet so consider last night an exclusive preview. We will keep you informed of the Grand Opening.

We have already posted photos of the comedy event on the web site.

Rumor has it that we might be able to get the cast of the hit British TV Show "Who's line is it anyway?" for the next show. Most likely the show will never be on a weekend as those key dates are given to bigger cities. Work is a bit hard today with my hangover but it was worth it.

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