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Which area of SZ has the best nightlife?

Hi there
Travelling to SZ in September for 3 nights and looking to find out where the best area to stay is for good nightlife. Top bars, pubs, restaurants etc. Heard that SZ areas are pretty spread out, so any advice on an area where you can walk from good bar to good bar will be most welcome. Cheers, Tim

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Heather, hi! It's a bit cold

Heather, hi! It's a bit cold to go to the beaches nowadays... it's about 14 degree on average. I live in Futian and can say that Golden Central hotel is a pretty good and affordable deal. Not so far there is a Coco Park where you can relax in some bar and meet many foreigners to chat.

Hello! I am hoping to visit

Hello! I am hoping to visit Shenzhen during the Spring Festival. I want to be near the nightlife but not too far to go to the beaches during the days. Can anyone recommend a good location (hostel / hotel)? Just want to have a warm, relaxing holiday! Thank you in advance! Peace and Love, Heather

I go to Shenzhen twice a

I go to Shenzhen twice a year and always stay in the Shekou area. I have also been to the center of SZ but I find it complicated, dirty and never found anything interesting. In Shekou everything is within 10 minutes walking distance: many restaurants, 2 or 3 discotheques, approx 30 cheap hostess bars, 1 or 2 KTV, one Big Boat full of restaurants and bars. And direct ferry to Hong Kong (50 minutes). Modern, but nice, lively and very practical. If you go to Mei Mei Bar please say hello from Lao Lei to the girls...

I think the first question

I think the first question to ask is if you prefer live music or club scene. If you like the club scene then Luohu area is great for that. If you like live music and a more high class feel you can stick around OCT and stay in the Crowne Plaza or Intercontinental. Both have very lively bars and Intercontinental just got a new band from Canada.

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