What is the last train in Shenzhen lowu to guangzhou?

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would i be able to catch a train from shenzhen lo wu to guangzhou if i travel by A43 bus from Hongkong airport to sheung shui and from sheung shui KCR to lo wu if i arrive in Hongkong airport at 19:00 P.M.?May i know the last train and last bus in shenzhen lowu to go to guanzhou in case i cant catch up the train?If i take bus,which bus no.and where can i get down if i live in Pazhou? I'll be travelling with my 2 kids so your promt reply is highly appreciated.Thanks a lot.

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hey, i heard the last train

hey, i heard the last train from luowu to gz should D820. leaves at 10:45pm. It would cost around 1hour to east gz.

the last train from Lowu to

the last train from Lowu to GZ leaves around 9:30-10:00pm.

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