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so i will be taking my first trip to ShenZhen in JAN to set up my living quarters and all. I was just wondering what is the average cost of seeing a western style doctor in ShenZhen. I was loking at some international medical insurance policies and was quoted anywhere form
1600-3500USD. With the the most reasonable ones being at the price range of 2000-2500USD. just wondering if it is worth it to pick one of these up at that cost. Well i generally am pretty healthy and rearly have to see the doctors, but kinda feel unsafe without and type of medical coverage. just incase

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no,not in a proper

no,not in a proper hospital.
shenzhen is a special economic zone. it's a bit different from the other parts in china.like, there are many private hospitals, no medical school,no facilitate hospital.in china, facilitate hospitals are always better,not private ones.the case you mentioned, i mean,making the patients buy their medicine,might happen in private hospital,no way that it happens in government hospitals.
about the SOS, yeah they charge a lot. but they offer 'good' service.for example, you don't need to run all over the hospital don't know what to do or waiting in lines, or meeting impatient doctors...i don't know if the sos in shenzhen provide interpreter.when i was in the eye hospital, the sos patients always brought interpreters if they don't speak english,not actually helping a lot but they are young and pretty:)))
the problem of the sos service is that they don't have enough patients. they won't get everything ready for one patient.so it's just like a GP clinic.they transfer patients,esp. patients who need special treatment, to the nearby hospitals. for example, if someone gets keratitis, there is no way that he can be cured in the sos.or some of my patients from the US, they need LASIK, or someone who is run over by a car and need emergency surgery,you can just have it in the Sheraton sos clinic and they are not going to fly you back home right away no matter how much you pay,you know...sos is good, but it is useless whenever you need it.

thanks for the info Alicia,

thanks for the info Alicia, if it is 1800usd for just GP that kinda of a rip off cause for a few hundred more in fully covered through an internation health care insurance company. Oh yes i had also been hearing stories about hospitals sending the patiens to buy there own medication before admitting them. IS that how it works in Shenzhen

haha, yeah i know. that

haha, yeah i know. that happens all the time.
i'm working in Children's Hospital, Futian distric.i worked for adults for only 2 years and then as a paediatrician.
send me e-mail if it's not emergency, i mean like an inquriy. my e-mail is alicia_csi_leung@sina.com. or SMS me.
but if it's an emergency, call me with this number 15986669681

Hi Alicia, Some hospitals

Hi Alicia,
Some hospitals say they have english speaking doctors however last time a friend went the receptionist was called in to interpret...poor girl only knew a few words!
Where are you working and how can we get in contact with you?

don't know much about the

don't know much about the insurance issue.i am a doctor and just moved to shenzhen.i'll try to find out.i think SOS is more like a GP clinic.they always transfer patients to our hospital for furhter examinations and treatment.

thanks, just wondering just

thanks, just wondering just incase if anything really bad happens when im living in SZ does SOS offer paid hospital stays. I was looking at their website and foung that it more for doctor visits and all but no major surgery and theres no email contact for me to get more information.



SOS offers yearly plans

SOS offers yearly plans which include office visits, most medications, a yearly physical and basic emergency service. The cost is around $1800USD a year I think.


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