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Does any restaurant serve good Waffles in Shenzhen for breakfast, brunch or dinner?

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Gypsies does NOT have them. I

Gypsies does NOT have them. I just went there today and had a look at their menu. :(

Just had some at a coffee

Just had some at a coffee bar called Also Millo. Don't ask me the exact address but its down the street from the Jiang Tian Hotel. Not bad coffee and they have Wi Fi too.

Gypsys in Shekou have them

Gypsys in Shekou have them on their Brunch Menu available all day each day - 3 big pieces with fruit,ice cream and Maple or Corn Syrup. Includes bottomless coffee, bottomless OJ or Apple Juice AND eggs on the side, any style, as many as you want, if you wish.
Waffles are also on their Dessert Menu (2 pieces) with Ice Cream and Syrup.

Heh, well nothing beats some

Heh, well nothing beats some fresh made ones, but u can buy some bite sized premade squares in Jusco in Coco Park. it is in the candy aisles. other than that, I think POSSIBLY Marco Polo's: Cafe Marco, but I really really am not sure. I'll keep my eyes peeled. Too bad that fake IHOP called IHOPE doesn't serve pancakes or waffles. :/ Maybe try Gypsies? I hear they have a wide variety of foreign foods. You need to go to Hong Kong and eat their waffle street food. Good stuff;)

Oh, when you find some

Oh, when you find some Please let me know!!! Or is this my new mission?
I do know there is a small place in Laojie station that sells waffle type things, they are pretty small, but come as plain or choc coated, I bloody love the things, i think they range for like 4 rmb to 6 rmb each. Its at the exit that takes u into the underground shopping centre, next to the stairs that take u to street level.
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