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Train to and from Guangzhou

Mr TOMPO Hajaina writes:

I am from Madagascar,I will come to China next month and I am looking for information about the train From Guangzhou to Shenzen and Shenzen to Guangzhou:

Where to buy ticket
Where to take train
Do I have to book early?

In, I found the "Train to and from Guangzhou" page but I can't finde the fare and where to buy ticket in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Thank you for your help.

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  Hello, i am from malaysian.


Hello, i am from malaysian. I am going to Shenzhen next month. And i am plan when i reach shenzhen i would like to go Guangzhou, (heard zhuhai is near also?) if possible then i'm also going to zhuhai too, and also hongkong, anyone out there can advice me where to go first? as my flight is fly to shenzhen directly, i will be there at 8 days just hope to out from shenzhen to anywhere. Please suggest, thank you very much.

Your reply is very much appreciated.



I recommend going 1st class

I recommend going 1st class to Guangzhou - more room and more comfortable.


Thanks all for the very good

Thanks all for the very good information on train from
Shenzhen to Guangzhou.

I am travelling to Shenzhen in Mar09..and intend to stay
2 days in Guangzhou.

Now that I know how to get to Guangzhou...any recommendation of HOTELs in Shenzhen and Guangzhou?
We are 2 ladies travelling first time this 2 places.

Hope you can help.

Thanks & Regards
Violet Ching

you can also visit this

you can also visit this website here you can find cheap rail tickets and comparison of ticket price and very attractive deals in uk all over the world.this website has many merchant who is very big player in train travel industry. so visit this website and enjoy the travel of train.

Another good website is

Another good website is

Just type in the nominals of the city you need eg. Shenzhen = SZ, Guangzhou = GZ and it will provide you will a list of all scheduled trains

 Great advice above..trains are regular, take between just under and just over an hour, cost from RMB70 to RMB100 (the latter if you take 1st class on the express train)

 One thing I would add, the doors on the trains seem to close 5 minutes before they depart, so make sure you get through the x-ray machine and ticket gate at least 10 minutes in advance

Don't take the 70RMB ticket

Don't take the 70RMB ticket because sometimes that train stops in Dongguan for up to an hour and also the A/C was occasionally absent.
75RMB is always around an hour and except during trade fair months it is easy to get tickets.

You can purchase a 2 way

You can purchase a 2 way ticket (include return ticket) in advance if you want to travel with less risk and save your time on puchasing ticket, or plan to travel on a certain date. However,  people usually buy their ticket directly from the counter when they arrive in the station. They are less consider to buy the ticket in advance since expressway connections between SZ and GZ are really well. But for foreigners, I suggest you to buy the ticket as early as you can, in order to reduce your risks.

The SZ train station is located near to the Shangri-la Hotel in LuoHu district. If you can read in Chinese u can click the follow link which has shown the map to reach the station (URL:

For extra information, an expressway runs between Shenzhen and Guangzhou  There are buses connecting Shenzhen with Guangzhou regularly and the trip takes about two hours. The  bus station is next to the train station and the bus station for Guangzhou is to the east of the railway station.

-==For the bus departure from shenzhen to Guangzhou, ==-the earliest departure time is 7am. The latest departure time is 9:21pm.

For train, the earliest departure time is 6:25am. The latest time is 10:35pm

if you are in the city (CBD region), u can take a subway. There are some information for Metro System (URL

Good luck! ^^peace

From Shenzhen Luo Hu Train

From Shenzhen Luo Hu Train Station to GuanGZhou Train Station

  • D714 SZ06:20 GZ07:42     
  • D758 SZ07:00 GZ08:17     
  • D702 SZ07:14 GZ09:05
  • D792 SZ08:04 GZ09:56     
  • D740 SZ09:01 GZ10:35     
  • D760 SZ10:06 GZ11:22
  • D728 SZ10:35 GZ11:44     
  • D750 SZ11:00 GZ12:07     
  • D816 SZ11:30 GZ12:42
  • D718 SZ12:00 GZ13:16     
  • D838 SZ12:11 GZ13:03     
  • D806 SZ12:58 GZ14:14
  • D752 SZ14:14 GZ15:34     
  • D720 SZ14:57 GZ16:06     
  • D722 SZ18:00 GZ19:01
  • D744 SZ19:22 GZ20:37     
  • D756 SZ19:55 GZ21:09     
  • D834 SZ20:22 GZ21:42
  • D844 SZ20:38 GZ22:03 

From GuangZhou Train Station to Shenzhen Luo Hu Train Station

  • D701 gz06:06 sz07:29
  • D769 gz07:00 sz08:16
  • D715 gz07:56 sz09:13
  • D759 gz08:32 sz09:45
  • D703 gz09:19 sz10:03
  • D793 gz10:16 sz11:27
  • D741 gz10:58 sz12:22
  • D761 gz11:37 sz13:03
  • D729 gz11:58 sz13:13
  • D751 gz12:24 sz13:45
  • D817 gz12:57 sz14:13
  • D719 gz13:31 sz14:42
  • D839 gz13:55 sz15:14
  • D807 gz14:29 sz15:45
  • D753 gz15:54 sz17:04
  • D721 gz16:21 sz17:04
  • D743 gz17:52 sz19:08
  • D723 gz19:25 sz20:35
  • D745 gz20:52 sz22:03
  • D757 gz21:27 sz22:51
  • D835 gz21:56 sz23:17

Fee: From RMB 76 to 96 . No need to book ticket ,  & go to train station directly.

Hi there,The trains to

Hi there,

The trains to Guangzhou from Shenzhen are in Luo Hu.  There is no need to book early for train tickets to Guangzhou.  Just go there early to buy tickets.  It's 75 RMB.  It takes about an hour from Shenzhen to get there.

Schedule: every 15-25

Schedule: every 15-25 minutes

Fare: RMB75-100

Duration:48-68minutes per different train

Where to buy ticket: Shenzhen: at Luohu station; Guangzhou: at Guangzhou east station

And i dont think you need book the tickets, it is very convinient,.


Welcome to Shenzhen, have a good trip!

Best regards! 

Richard GUO

Yes,you can buy the train

Yes,you can buy the train ticket directly without leaving the east station,I remembered it cost 70rmb under one hour,and the train goes per 30 need to book the ticket early~

Hey! man Here's the Time

Hey! man Here's the Time table


ok you buy the tickets from

ok you buy the tickets from the station, it is a generally good idea to arrive well before the train is due to arrive as there is a million people at both ends wanting tickets.

THE train (if u get the fast one) takes just under an hour and is abour 90rmb, this is the one i suggest u take.

In guangzhou you take the train from Guangzhou east station and you arrive in Shenzhen louhu station, vice versa for the return

And im not too sure of the schedule i think its about every 20-30 minutes, but i may be wrong on this one

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