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Toilet Restaurant

Found a website that features a Toilet Restaurant in shenzhen.

However it does not mention where it is!!!!

Does anyone know where it is or ever been there??

These pictures are from the site

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i wonder if the food tastes

i wonder if the food tastes like crap! 

haha,it is looks waired,how

haha,it is looks waired,how does people can eat when sitting toilet...upset...

yeah, i think so , it's very

yeah, i think so , it's very disgusting even to have a look...i don't know how a normal person can have food there..

i think it's disgusting !!

i think it's disgusting !!

its in Dongmen. i just

its in Dongmen. i just stumbled on it one day and had to go in. Never seen snything like it. and the food is made to look like crap. pretty interesting

altought it was copyed ,i

altought it was copyed ,i think it is fantastic ,let 's have a look some times.

It should have being given

It should have being given another name  and not tolet. to me it sound some how, eventhought the corncept is trying to ne unique. just my own thinking no pain pls. thanks.

The Toilet Restaurant is

The Toilet Restaurant is located upstairs at the entrance to Dongmen Shopping Street. It looks quite bizarre and disgusting. Not my idea of a good night out.

i think i don't like it.

i think i don't like it.

And the one in Taipei was

And the one in Taipei was copied from a place in Tokyo that first opened about 10~11 years ago. Had two locations there - the original in Ikebukuro and another in Shinjuku. In fact, most of the 'original' restaurant ideas in Taipei, HK, any major Chinese city, Bangkok, etc. were based on existing places in Tokyo.

Copying from Taiwan... This

Copying from Taiwan...

This is another one of those blatant copying that so often happens around here. The original Toilet Restaurant was opened in Taipei about 3 years ago, with a much tastefully done decor and rather realistic looking 'dishes' served in interesting bowls and hospital issued-bedpans.
Anyway, will try to go there and have a look and try.

Someone says that it is

Someone says that it is opposite to Jinlongchuan restaurant, the address of this restaurant is F1~3, Jingyuan Bldg, No.88 Songyuan Road, Luohu District. Go there and look opposite, you'll find it beside the Garwon fastfood chain.

hard to imagine

hard to imagine

According to @ChinaMatt on

According to @ChinaMatt on twitter the toilet restaurant is somewhere in Luohu. Still don't know the exact location.
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