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Tired of Seeing Estate Ads

David writes the following regarding issues real estate section:

Dear Editor,
How long will u allow Shenzhenparty to be full of the Estate Agency ads.
There are many agencies in the streets everywhere doing the same job.
If they were house owners that should be fine but all the people puting ad there are agency u can call one of them and see.
If u allow agencies to do commercial ads then is that mean i can also put some ads to sell ather things?
I am commenting to help you make the website more useful and reliable for non commercial purposes bec Shenzhenparty classified has value and will be liked if it stay in this category "NON COMMERCIAL CLASSIFIEDS"
But like this it is really not good image to see tens of estate agency ads after eachother.
Hope u consider this point.

If you have any opinion on this please post register and post in the forums.

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