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Is the way we teach English changing in the future

I hope so see what you think about the story

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LOL , This is Linda . I learn

LOL , This is Linda . I learn english by myself .  Now I can read and listen and talk for daily life. Chinese person who can understand english most can read very well , but cannot speak very well . Why ? Because they are shy . They don't want to make mistake so they will choose to keep quiet when you want them to speak.  Of course , the environment is problem too.

We could certainly use more

We could certainly use more people like Robert Sowa, a man entirely devoted to his work, I wish he were my private esl tutor. I find it hard to believe that teaching English is so wrongfully approached in China,English is a whole different language that comes from a whole different culture that makes it even harder for Chinese people to learn it. It's difficult and not impossible but for that China needs more motivated teachers.

The problem in China is that

The problem in China is that they overstate whats important.
Whilst the curriculum for learning Chinese may require hard memory, it's certainly not useful for learning English.
I have met so many students who can bamboozle me with their vocabulary, but when you ask them how to use; and/or what does it mean, they simply draw a blank.
Quite obviously, the "indoctrinating and "institutionalising" syllabus they implore doesn't work, for learning a second language...and it shows!

But do they LEARN!!! Mostly

But do they LEARN!!!

Mostly they play (drink, disco, nightclubs, bars, "PC BAR") and talk with other Koreans and watch Korean movies/TV 


But you have to think abuot

But you have to think abuot that enviorment is very important for learning a new language. I went to Manila. Manila is good place to learn english rather than chinese. Many korean  live and study there.

I'd have to agree with the

I'd have to agree with the guy's assessment about how ineffectively the Chinese way of teaching anything is. I attended a traditional Chinese school when I was growing up in Manila, spent 13 years learning Mandarin, and at the end of it my vocabulary was hardly better than a 2-year-old's! Chinese put a lot of emphasis on rote memorization, not in practical application.

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