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Thanksgiving dinner

Anyone know who's doing thanksgiving dinner this year?

I tried Kempinski last year and wanted to try some place else this year. No ads in That's PRD this year, and no signs up in places in Sea World yet. McCawley's told me they planned to do it but didn't have the price or schedule yet.


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Brian wrote us through

Brian wrote us through email:

Went to Kempinski last year and it was okay, if you don't mind Thanksgiving dinner without turkey or pumpkin pie. They ran out of turkey early and tried to rush out some more, but it wasn't cooked thoroughly. They ended up cutting off small slices and stir frying it. It was a disaster. At least they gave us a discount off the bill. Hopefully they have better planning this year, but I'll probably be going to Gypsy's.

Hi - I was supposed to be

Hi - I was supposed to be returning to the US today but my trip is being extended through Thanksgiving. I'm in Futian, Shenzhen. For the above restaurants, does anyone have a Thanksgiving dinner recommendation? I'm from Southern CA and would be great if I could crash with other Americans if possible.


We have added additional

Xavier is the owner of

Xavier is the owner of Gypsy's not a restaurant name.

Xavier is the

Xavier is the Australian-Chinese guy who owns Gypsy's. I had Thanksgiving there a few years ago and it was pretty good. Last year did Kempinski's also and wasn't overly impressed.

Not sure where we are headed yet but am surprised there isn't anything to be found on here, in the Shenzhen Daily or anywhere else yet...

Hi Joel, If you click on the

Hi Joel, If you click on the restaurants tab at the top of any page of this site, you'll see that gypsy's is the first restaurant at the top. They make good food, so you should be happy:)Might be a little pricey, but you will eat good.

Where is Xavier? I am

Where is Xavier? I am interested in going to a nice place for Thanksgiving.


Gypsy's in Sea World Shekou

Gypsy's in Sea World Shekou would be my guess. xavier has always had one since I have been here.

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