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Thai Food in Futian?

Frank asks

any decent Thai food on this side of town?

Frank lives in Futian. Coco Park has a Yes Thai. What does everyone think of that one?

For Thai food I usually end up at the InterContinental Shenzhen Coriander or The Terrace but it is a bit of a way to go. Panash in the Fourpoints by Sheraton also serves some Thai food among other South East Asian specialties.

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Dont bother with banana leaf

Dont bother with banana leaf in coco park, its crap.

Thai Bar is good, never had any issues when eating there, it gets pretty busy for dinner now.

Dear Frank, Below is the two

Dear Frank,

Below is the two other thai food restuarants in coco park, futian
A: Banana leaf located at Coco park serves some Thai food as well as the Southeast Asian food. The decor and the taste is said to be favorable. It possibly worthes a visit. Besides, Taixiangguan is supposed to be the other good choice. It’s also at Coco park.
Banana Leaf South Asia Café & Bar
Tel:8284 6655
Add:L1C-076.077,Coco Park, Fuhua 3 Lu, Futian

Tai Xiang Guan
Tel:8202 3555
Add:1F, Coco Park, Fuhua San Lu ( Gou Wu Gong Yuan Metro Station) Futian

Chili Pad is closed.

Chili Pad is closed.

Thanks Lemon, i know Thai

Thanks Lemon, i know Thai Orchid is the best in SZ but a little far with the traffic as crazy as it has been lately. Wish we had a small Thai Orchid in Futian, would get my kapow chicken fix!!

Hi, Dear Frank, Here is the

Hi, Dear Frank,

Here is the answer for u from lemon: we got two not bad thai restuarant, maybe you can have a try.
1. Thai Orchid 泰瑞泰国餐厅
地址:Sea World , Next to Starbuck, She Kou,Nanshan
2. Cili Padi Asia Café & Bar 椒吧
电话:8628 7087
地址:A2-17, Poly Cultural Centre, Nanshan
it's a great pleasure, if we can help you out somewhere.

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