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Stand-up Comedy show feedback?

Dear All thanks for attending the Stand-up comedy show Tuesday night. We hope you had a good time. Please give your feedback about the show here. How were the comedians? How was the venue? How do we improve for next time?

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Tim Cook was tremendous Ardal

Tim Cook was tremendous
Ardal O'Hanlon seemed ill-at-ease on occasions; he varied from excellent to hesitant
Jason Wood was extremely funny but seemed to be stretching his act
There were various digs about the location - "this natural amphitheatre" being one. The shape of the seating area was wrong - the acts were mainly addressing those seated in front of them and rarely turned to those at the side.
A venue that has:
Seats facing the front of the stage only
Raised platforms for seats at the rear or a raised stage
Better quality light and sound equipment

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